Getting to 1000 Power


Hello Everyone, I have been playing splinterlands for around a month and a half. I have gotten 3 season rewards and am about to get the new reward for this season. I have started this game with limited amount of money, so far only putting $10 dollars into the game. After my first month here is what I have learned.

In order to escape from Bronze III fast, you need to put more money into the game. Right now, I am currently at around 130 power. However, most of that has come from collecting cards and then renting them out just to buy more cards. It is a very slow process starting from scratch and it can oftentimes be very frustrating. Additionally, in my case, I have not pulled a single card in my first month and a half which is incredibly unlucky.

So, somethings that I have found that can help.
1.) Familiarize yourself with game dynamics
You want to study all of the old battles that you have had. Oftentimes, you can learn from how you lost. For example, if you play the water splinter and lose to the earth splinter, when you later see death splinter you know how to counter it.
2.) Giveaways and drawings are your friend
On this community forum, and on the splinterlands discord, there are giveaways. So far, I have only gotten 1 card. However, that one card has been very useful in slowly growing my deck and the rental revenue, although tiny adds up. I highly recommend trying to enter as many giveaways as possible.
3.) If you want to grow organically, rent out your cards
If you are planning on owning your cards, try renting out your cards until you reach 1000 power. Oftentimes, it will bring extra income and will allow you to purchase new cards every couple of days.

Finally, remember that this is a game. Like many, the money aspect of this game can be enticing. However, the main point of this game is to be a game. So, enjoy simply playing. You'll find that you can get a small sense of superiority when you are on a winning streak and it can be very fun and entertaining.

Thank you for reading. Please comment if you have any other tips or tricks. Also, please like or share! I appreciate all of you!