Splinterlands Fan Art Warrior of Peace// Week 183 Contest

Hello Splinterlands and HIVE community!

I'm @evelyncabanda and I am here to day to share my version of Fan art of Warrior of Peace. Before I start on the process of the Art I would like to Thank @splinterlands team and sir @castleberry of Voting and choosing my Fan art of Furious Chicken as one of the winner in the Week 182 contest.
Thank you for appreciating my art and I hope you like this new art of mine.

Warrior of Peace Lore

The Peacebringers are the underground resistance to the Order of the Silver Shield in Khymeria, and the Warriors of Peace are their writers. They have proven time and time again that the greatest weapons are written, not thrown, loosed or swung.


Sketch and Outline Process

First I did a sketch of my art. this is my way of imagining how I will my fan art.


Then I did another Sketch this time I use black color to easy see my previous sketch, my goal here is to make my sketch more clear and show the idea of what 1i am going to do.


Then I removed the blue colored sketch and add some details on the black sketch. I know, It's not much of a change, but I wanted to include this to show all the process I made.


Then I outline the sketch, I removed the excess lines and added details to the drawing.

And for the final outlining you can see that it is a lot better now, and all the details I wanted are in this drawing.

Coloring and Shading Process

I began my coloring process by putting color on the skin.


Then I added shadow shades or details.

After that I added some highlights. I wanted this to like the lights are coming from the brush.



After that I colored the hair and eyes, in this picture I added a temporary background to help you see what is the Idea I wanted to portray in my art.

Then I started color the cloth.


I added Dark shades and highlights with respect to the lights coming form the brush.


This is what it look like without a temporary background. Its hard to see the effects I made. and on this part I colored the scroll, first is the side that has a writing on it.


Then I added some shades on the middle of the scroll.


Time to add some details

Details Explanation
While I'm putting writing details on the scroll I came up with the Idea of putting @splinterlands and Hive on it, But to more unique I wrote them in katana

Katakana is a Japanese syllabary, one component of the Japanese writing system along with hiragana, kanji and in some cases the Latin script. The word katakana means "fragmentary kana", as the katakana characters are derived from components or fragments of more complex kanji

  • HIVE katakana writing detail


  • Splinterlands katakana writing detail


To our Japanese friends here, I hope you like this kind of detail, I'm currently attending a Japanese Language class that maybe one of the reason I added this detail.


After adding the writings on the scroll I colored the back part of the scroll and the brush.


I added other details on the scroll just a random strokes that may look like symbols.


Then I came up with this background. The black parts you see is my interpretation about the lore and the random strokes on it is like the writing of the Warrior of peace.

I hope you get the meaning though.export202204072348093280.jpg
For the Final touch I added a glittering effect on the part of the brush to interpret the power of writing of the warrior of Peace.

I included a GIF for the quick view of my process.


That's it I hope you like it guys and good luck to all the contestant of this week fan art contest. Thankyou and have a good day!