End of my Season


So I managed to end my season at the end of bronze II (not able to get into bronze I yet) if I did increase my collection I would have made it into bronze I as I did hit the cap and win a few more times but the grind goes on.

Here's my current profile
Profile snapshot 31.01.2022.PNG

hoping to possibly push 3500 ~ 4000 collection power and with the addition of cards in the rewards, I think it will be more possible.

These are the rewards I got for the season end
Season Reward 31.01.2022.PNG
for me, that's not too bad ill be using the credits to get a few extra exp on some commons but the grind begins anew.

the card I got currently has a value of $0.11 which isn't bad at all, ill probably keep this one though as it is rare.
card reward 31.01.2022.PNG

Hope your rewards were good and enjoy the new season grind.