SPL Battle Challenge - Who wound the clock? - Pack Opening Service?



Woopsies! Seems like the naughty Time Mage badoozled with the fabrics of time and space and made me miss the weekly battle challenge in order to avoid my harsh critiques on her performance in the latest scuffles. Let's make sure we don't grow a grey beard and get back into the battlefields!

Hello to all my fellow splinterpeeps and welcome to my blog! Like every week it's time for the Splinterlands 'share your battle' challenge, hosted by the awesome splinterlands curator team. No matter if you are an artist, social media influencer or just enjoy playing the game, they host all kinds of challenges here on hive, which give you a chance to earn crypto by getting upvotes from the community. Make sure to check them out and become part of the hive social media platform!

Opening Service

It seems like everybody's doing spl giveaways now and I would like to offer something unique to you guys! So, I've been thinking about this for a while now and I need some input to see if it's just a crackpot idea or if people would actually be interested in such a thing.
As you sure know, everyone is receiving those lotions from reward chests that are consumed at pack openings to double your chances for a goldfoil or legendary card. Most people might be annoyed by them, but if you start opening some packs, they get consumed quite fast and you may have to spend some money to buy more of 'em, which can become quite costly. Right now a set of lotion for one pack cost $.45, which is about 10-15 % of the pack value, but you definitely don't want to miss out on the increased chance for shiny leggo.
As I'm not opening up many packs and are not planning on doing large numbers in the forseable future, I figured I might as well help others out with my stack of lotions that have been piling up since Untamed ran out. As they are not transferable and I can't give them away like any other asset, one would have to send me the packs and I would open them in a weekly video or something and then send the cards back to the owner.
Let me know if anybody was interested, so I can maybe incorporate it into my giveaways!


This seems like a deja-vu
The shielded warrior who
Doesn't change the battle much
But opportunity can catch
Good against the melee foe
Let's Stop the talk and let me show

of the roach


They say cockroaches can survive atomic bombs, but can this specimen survive a splinterlands match?

Despite beeing a small bugger, it's shell seems heavily reinforced with shielding material, so weak attacks don't do any harm. Unfortunately the chaos army comes with all kinds of damage buffs to crack the armor.

There are no significant upgrades that are worth leveling up in early levels, nor anything special for the higher levels aside from the usual stats.

of Battle

I check my last 60 games and could not find this card in any of it. Why? Well, maybe the Time Mage went back and erased them, or maybe it's because most of the time you play the death splinter you chose the Cursed Windeku for the thorns and one of the low mana magic cards in the back. You can even see double sneaks with Silent Sha-Vi and Undead Badger or the occasional Soul Strangler, but this card seems kinda lost here.

But this is supposed to be a challenge, so let's force some beetle action!

battle 0.PNG

First battle was a Close Range game and I did not play Contessa in order to play higher level cards. Didn't work out at all.

battle 1.PNG

Second battle was Death only, so I should have expected the Thaddius and not played so much magic. Also the opponent did not go for the sneak approach, which messed me up as well. Furthermore I already forgot about the Bone Golem given how rarely you see it beeing played.

Third time's a charm: With maximum trolling I managed to win a game.


This calls for some heavy anti melee and anti magic!

The Lineup
to beat them all

Tough choice but we need some anti melee for sure and this chic does it perfectly.

With damage reduction from the summoner, this card will not take damage from most melee attacks.

For maximum trolling we show the rusty android some love and hopefully it will proof to be golden in this match! We are almost guaranteed to run into at least some magic attacks and the reflect will make them cry.

A good choice most of the times and kinda mandatory in this game. I don't want to go for full magic again and this guy can attack from the backline as well.

As I don't want to run into a Thaddius + Bone Golem problem again and not deal any damage at all, I went for the 3 magic damage card. With ranged banned there are not many alternatives anyways.

With water you face the healing a lot, sometimes even with cleanse for ultimate annoyance. As I'm playing dragon I don't even have to spend 4 mana on Blight when I can use this card instead.

The chicken is trolling in the back and serves as cannonfodder for the sneaky.

analysis and recap

Again the poor spotlight card gets taken out immediately. At least it managed to ignore the attack from their tank, which was exactly what I planned for. I did not expect the magic spam at all, but that means the Rusty Android was able to shine by taking out 2 of the opponents sorcerers.
Sha-Vi didn't contribute much as well, but the Lich was leeching that win for us with the giant magic damage that ignored Kelya's armor and speed buffs.

Watch the battle here


See you
next week

for another Splinterlands challenge and a spin on the wheel!

I hope your season rewards were nice. I pulled my third legendary Biljka this month! Not the greatest card in the game, but lots of CP and maybe a candidate for the wheel in the future.

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Beetle died fast to magic, lucky the rusty android had magic reflect, was a good lineup.


Thanks for sharing! - Underlock#8573

Good work, thanks for sharing!