The "Blue - ballerz" battle through the night as a new season dawns upon us in the Splinterlands universe.


Hello friend!

You have come here to quench your evergrowowing thirst for information, a quest you´ve been on since you first heard my name, or about the magical world of the "Splinterlands" where the increasingly rare "DEC" tokens get awarded to heroic battlers, venturers. Such as your self.

I have been having some problems in my personal life this season passed, i steered my ship in to a breakup and a new relationship also, (yes during the 2 weeks). As well as move houses 2 times, get the covids which really was the cherry on my drug ravaged and poverty ridden existance!


It was brilliant,

Nah it wasnt all that big "Whooplah" if i was reveiwing this talked up Covid thing, Id give it a decent 6 (out of 10) (many standard flues have shaken this body up worse). As well as lack of stomach related issues and "the shits" put it down a lot. it´s really not all what it´s hyped up too be!

However i got diagnosed while staying at my ex-s house @amanda.yrr . So inevitably we have decided to give a relationship another try! ofcourse, i´m sexy as shit with or without the Covids.

However you´ve come here to read about my expert advice on this "get rich quick" Splinterlands thingy i´ve got going on, and you´re getting this! Me bragging about handling the Covids and details from my personal life!.

On to the "Blueballers", After the release of Chaos legion i have been focusing heavily on leveling up my blue cards, i´m using that new blue summoner giving +1 to speed as well as a shield to go with it! In the front i´m putting a zero mana cost "torrent fiend" (Lvl 2), costing nothing and wearing the summoners shield he is a decent frontline unit, followed by that Reach


Flying Squid_gold.jpg

Following the Octopus i have the known thug (all my players have a backround as known thugs and murderers)... (ofcourse)!

And general scumbaggery!

Anyways following the Octopy is the "Deep Lurker", that nasty motheNfUC** really can do some sneaky damaggge!


These two mid-ranged units come at the mana cost of 7 and 6 respectively, placing them in the "mid-range" category of cards. I keep mine "gilded" (gold foiled) (ofcourse) as they are receiving small bonuses to the usual stats, (evry small advantage has to be used).

However costing their fare share of DEC, i try to "keep my numbers up" before adding a cheap 3 Angelic Mandarin or a 4 cost Octopus. Both De-Ranged, Ranged units!

Angelic Mandarin_gold.jpg

However the cheap to come by but no whore, "Peacor Bandit" is a 3 mana cost option with 5 speed (hard to hit) and flying! attacking the enemy´s backline.

Pelacor Bandit.jpg

I also bought a shark specifically for that purpose, (sounds very right!)
However it´s now rented out to another batteler, as i find the Peacor efficiet enough at tearing through my enemies rears!

Sabre Shark.png

That maneating shark comes highly recommended, it will attack the enemies backlines, where othen are placed "healer" units and such! Or Albatroses, yes as decoy and target pracktice i tend to let loose an Albatros on the battlefield whenever i battle, CHAOS!

It´s called Chaos legion after all!

The "Blue-Ballerz" all have great personal problems and each one of them deserves more space, and coverage than can be provided during a single post, therefor i will be alloiwing my followers to watch my developments as i transition from "drug addickted scumbag" to "Actually one of the best Splinterlands players in the world!"

A strong player hasnt been mentioned yet, i still have some "Secret weapons" for them special ocations.

However tonights battling has resulted in a comfortable possition amongst those receiving the sweet nectar of DEC for their partitipation, scoring from 0.15 to 0.3 DEC per win, (not complaining). In Bronze II and a decimated "Capture rate" at the 33%´s !

I rest my head satisfied and proud! knowing that tomorrow i will continue my journey at becoming "Actually one of the best Splinterlands players" in the world!.

Have a wonderful week out there, stay safe and on solid ground, do your battles and good things will come!

Leaving a comment might earn you my respect or even more, my friendship, (and financial gains)!

Your friend! Mr.Eythorphoto!