Solve the riddle win the Splinterlands card #5 !

OK so I want to test out a new competition format on HIVE so we will be learning as we go. One peace of advice from @oceanbee was make it trickier so we are going for vague clues

So as I am running this for the first few time so the prize is going to be low order cards to stsrt with from, spliterlands and other assets from Wax. Why wax you ask well that is where the game comes in!

OK but how does the game work?

OK so Wax has a cool feature where people can claim a nft via a gift link, I am going to give everyone the gift link with missing letters, the letter need to be filled in using a word, a word I will give clues to! As time goes on if it is unclaimed I'll add clues. If you win it put the answer below once you claim it and I'll close of the post!

Upvotes are not need to enter nor a tips but I am hoping to use them to fund bigger and better prizes!

OK here an example

The first clue: "a common farm animal"

Replace the # with the answer in captials

The link:

OK let's say you guess sheep?

Replace the # with the letters of sheep, paste into a browser and claim your NFT!

Over time I will drop more clues in the post until it is won!

OK real competition time

So first of all the prize will be small but I am hoping to run it daily and grow the prize size

Pelacor Deceiver_lv1.png

But please give it a shot and provide feedback below!!!

OK onto the first clue, answer is UPPER CASE, replace the #

1st clue: "Not sunset"


Wow, great idea for a contest, I love it! I just tried DAWN on the link and it said it has already been claimed by someone else 😢.