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Splinterlands is an exciting digital collectible card game that transports players to a captivating fantasy world where they assume the role of a summoner. Utilizing various monsters, each with unique abilities and stats, players engage in thrilling turn-based battles against other summoners.

With the ability to collect and trade monster cards, players can build custom decks that showcase their skills and strategies. Victories in battle earn players rewards such as new cards or in-game currency that can be used to purchase more cards or other game items.

What sets Splinterlands apart is its integration of cryptocurrency into gameplay. Players can earn "Dark Energy Crystals" (DEC) by playing the game, which can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges or used to buy more cards.


Splinterlands has a ruleset that governs how the game is played. The ruleset outlines the different game mechanics, card abilities, and overall gameplay rules that players must follow when playing the game. Some of the key rules of Splinterlands include Aim True, Broken Arrow, Close Range and many more.


Each player builds a team of monsters (cards) to battle against their opponent's team. Each monster has its own set of abilities, stats, and elemental affinities. Players take turns playing their monsters and using their abilities to defeat their opponent's monsters and reduce their opponent's life total to zero.

The game can be played in different formats, including ranked play, tournaments, and challenges. Some formats have additional rules or restrictions, such as a limit on the number of cards that can be used or a requirement to use specific types of cards.

The ruleset is designed to create a balanced and fair playing field for all players, while also allowing for a wide variety of strategies and playstyles.

Aim True

One of the most popular rulesets is Aim True. Aim True condition makes attacks won't miss. Abilities like evade or flight or phase won't give any advantage. Similarly, rebuff like Blind will be rendered useless. This ruleset makes the battle more interesting because it's force the player to make new strategy and adapt towards it.

Right now, I'm at Bronze three with 322 Point. So far, I only met this aim true condition once after hundreds of battle. So I can say that it's quite hard to find the battle with a specific ruleset. Thankfully, I got the battle that fit my deck, and I'm happy with my performance.

Battle on Aim True ruleset

It was so hard to find and match a battle with Aim True Rule. It took me the whole day to find one match that have this rule in it. At that time, I don't have any fixed deck that I confidently play to secure the victory.


In this battle, The mana cap is 25. This amount of mana is perfect for me. I do have one deck that suit this mana cap with the rule of combat, which is Aim true to secure the win. Based on my experience in the last few battles, the enemy is always few steps ahead of me.


I go with Earth element in this battle with the risk of the enemy would go for the same element to fight. Luckily, I got my level three Venari knifer with that Thorn ability to outfight the enemy. So if the enemy decides to go with Earth element as well, I got the advantage.

My strategy is to use few cards that have great amount of health while also got at attack stats. My main card here is Regal Peryton. For that amount of mana, this card is more than worth it. So I decided to put Regal Peryton high front on second position on hope that If Venari Knifer died too early, Regal Peryton would be ready to fill the gap with that 6 point of health.

My backlines filled with few cheap cards with good utility. I got Djinn Biljka, Khmeer Princess, Xenith Archer and Child of the Forest. The plan is to stack the ranged card as much as I can, so I can kill their enemy's tank as fast as possible.

In this battle, Things goes as my plan and I did get the victory. The key factor is that Djinn Biljka and Khmeer Princess got to attack before the enemy. Venari Knifer did the job on time, Regal Peryton also managed to fill the gap and tank the whole deck. Overall, I'm happy with the battle.


You can check the battle here


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