Daily rewards: 14-04-2022 A golden day!


Yesterday I did restart writing about my daily rewards. But this one was done with my main account, which was a mistake.
So, here I am again after a long winter sleep. No, I didn't pause playing Splinterlands, just didn't had the energy to post about my progress.

So here are my daily rewards:

Schermafbeelding 2022-04-13 144326.png
Another day with cards in 50% of the chest. The dec earnings are more or less useless but I am always happy with some potions also. But the main thing I do want to get are the cards.

The pelacor conjurer is a card which I never use. My main card is already at lvl 7 while with this card, the second one is upgraded to lvl 4. 40 more of these needed, to push the main one to lvl 8, which is my max level.
A golden Pelacor Bandit. With a value of $0.48 this isn't a bad catch at all. I could upgrade my main card to lvl 5, but just like the conjurer it is a card, which is never used. The lvl 4 card is leased out, just like 2 other lvl 2 cards. So probably I will list this one to be rented out.
Just like the 2 Pelacor cards above, I can't remember when I did use the Gargoya Lion. But better this as a reward than a 1 Dec chest.
The Crystalsmith is welcome, although just like the others this card is almost never used. The main one sits at lvl 4 and now I can start a new collection on lvl 2 with this one.
The mercenary card is used to upgrade my deck. I now have a mercenary at lvl 7 and 2 at lvl 3. But again I almost never use this card.
I do wonder if I do use a card from the new reward set on a regular basis.