HP, HBD Savings and the lowest priced Splinterlands card



Dropping like a bomb, but it'll still catch fire

Slowly converting my Hive Power to HBD Savings. I want to save up some money, because better investments often require a higher minimum amount of money to invest. Can't ever get there if we keep spending, right? Regardless if it's on personal stuff or further investments, there's always a point where we have to save up if we want to move on to the next level. Like in a mobile Idle game.

My goal is have it all converted then just keep saving until I have enough for something very interesting, whatever that comes to be, but still use dividends in smaller stuff. Like buying Splinterlands cards. I save up, but still grow through investing this savings' returns. If I have to save, then I figured this is the best way to do it. Putting my money where my mouth is, as usual!

And boy, do I want to buy Splinterlands cards. Right now, since @vcdragon won't remove my account from his bot no matter how many times I ask him, my plan is to buy whatever is the cheapest card. Screw battle efficiency! I know its price will skyrocket when it's finally out of print, even if that's in one or two years from now, so it's fine! Specially because of the rental market being so publicly exposed as of late.

I think the cheapest common card will hit as low as 2 or 3 cents once Chaos Legion is finally opened to the public. Heck, it could go to as low as 1 cent - makes me happy I decided to sell at 0.07 (after purchasing at 0.09) as soon as I realized it would keep dropping. I'll be able to buy thrice as many cards with the same amount of money. Whatever happens, Splinterlands is still a great game I'd like to keep investing in, so I'm very excited for the public sale opening up in only 2 days from now.