Vouchers going up


Positive market

Seeing Splinterlands' SPS drop to 0.4 or even lower only to notice it climb back up makes me want to buy it on the next dip. I do have some hive dollars, so weven if it's just a small amount, it should be a reasonable, profitable purchase. If it turns out to be a loss, I can just stake it until it becomes a profit again, so whatever?

The pre-sale is over in 2~3 days from now. Who else is excited about it? Vouchers are at $18 now. I predict they go up instead of down. Some people have told me they're bad because they have no value after the presale. Well, d'oh! They're huge DURING the presale. Ongoing races for a shot at designing a legendary summoner & all other perks are as attractive as ever.

Personally, all I want is to be over. One under a budget as low as mine can't be bothered with dolphin-level activities. Getting a bunch of cards from the market, then farming packs is my game plan. Despite the PR hiccups and the way the development team shoots updates from the hips, I'm hopeful the game will resume to being a fun activity once regular pack sales begin.