What! Immortalis and Fernheart paired with Grund are good

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In today's entry on my renewed Splinterlands journey, I expose a couple of new tactics that made me advance from yesterday's 150 rating all the way into 500 rating within a measly 25 battles or so. It has been fun trying to find ways to use Chaos Legion's Legendary Summoners and I will continue to do so for a while.

Yesterday, I had purchased a level 2 Venari Crystalsmith and 1 BCX Prismologist. Today, a 1 BCX Uloth Dhampir joined the frays, which I've already used a couple of times to successfully conquer my opponents. I'm looking to buy additional Riftwatchers Rare Monsters, because they add a lot of power to my team.

Battle link: https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sl_aad4d1c9142ff6b84db1520cf5b33bb6

Now, I'm going to talk about Immortalis paired with Grund. First off, the reason players choose Unicorn Mustang is that it has the Void ability. If you look beyond Void, Unicorn Mustang doesn't have any impactful advantage over Grund. Both have high Health and strong attacks.

In my experience, Immortalis with Grund always overcomes a magic focused team that uses Obsidian and Unicorn Mustang. That is, if there's enough Mana to add Goblin Psychic to the fray. I also own a Fungus Fiend, which mitigates damage that would kill Goblin Psychic too quickly. Even in high Mana battles, Immortalis with Grund is my favorite choice.

However, Fernheart is also a very good choice with Grund and Goblin Psychic if you're missing the extra 2 Mana for Immortalis. Because Fernheart adds 1 Health point to Grund, Goblin Psychic heals Grund for 4 Health every round instead of 3, since Grund achieves a total of a whooping 12 Health. Below is an example of such a set-up.

Battle link: https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sl_d679327abadc352daacd0cf9af39fd9f

Dragon Splinter is great

I have to say, Djinn Schwalla still works really well with Venari Crystalsmith. Much more so than when it's paired with Merdaali Guardian. In high Mana battles, Runic Skyclan works wonders when used as the last or second-to-last Monster. Sometimes, I'm thorn apart on whether I want to use Earth or Dragon Splinter.

images' source: https://splinterlands.com/