Battle of the day.


Hello everyone. Today I am going to share my battle.

Battle details: I played with earth splinter. And my opponent used a death splinter against me.


Battle rules:
It was a battle with 60 mana cap and three rules:

Rise of Commons: Only common and rare monsters may be used in battles.

Explosive Weaponry: All monsters have the blast ability.

Little League: Only monsters and summoners chat cost 4 mana or less may be used in battles.

Battle lineup:


  • OBSIDIAN level 4. This summoner adds magic power to my team.


  • HILL GIANT level 4. This monster has decent heath and attack power.


  • XENITH MONK level 3. This monster has healing ability.


  • SCREECHING VULTURE level 5. This monster has decent attack power and flying and opportunity abilities.


  • VENARI SCOUT level 4. Another monster with opportunity ability.


  • MADCAP MAGUS level 3. This mage has scattershot and life leech abilities.


  • WOOD NYMPH level 4. This mage is a healer.

Battle strategy. I used some monsters with healing abilities and/ or a lot of health to withstand blast ability.

On the battlefield.

Battle 1.png

My opponent had many monsters with low health. So I hoped that he will suffer a lot of casualties to the blast.

Battle 2.png

My expectation was right and I won.

Battle results.png

In this battle I won 0.23 SPS and 22 League Rating. My strategy worked well- thanks to healing abilities and higher health my team were able to survive blast ability.

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Thank you and have a nice day.