Battle of the day.


Hello everyone. Today I am going to share my battle.

Battle details: I played with death splinter. And my opponent used a dragon splinter against me.


Battle rules:
It was a battle with 55 mana cap and three rules:

Silenced Summoners: Summoners do not give any buffs or debuffs or grant/use any abilities.

Unprotected: Monsters do not have any armor and do not get armor from abilities or summoner buffs.

Aimless: All monsters have the scattershot ability.

Battle lineup:


  • THADDIUS BROOD level 4. This death summoner lowers enemy health and magic power.


  • PRISMATIC ENERGY level 4. This monster has great health and speed. It also has magic reflect ability.


  • PHANTOM SOLDIER level 3. This mage has good attack power and health. It is a flying monster that lowers opponent's magic attack power.


  • CTHULHU level 2. This powerful mage has a stun ability.


  • ANCIENT LICH level 2. My favorite death mage it has life leech ability.


  • REVEALER level 3. This monster has stun ability.


  • DHAMPIR STALKER level 4. A strong ranged monster that always hits a target.

Battle strategy. I used a summoner and a monster who lowered my opponent's magic power. I also used two mages who can stun my enemy.

On the battlefield.

Battle 1.png

My opponent also lowered my magic attack power. He also had a lot of healers.

Battle 2.png

My tank was about to die. But my opponent was also about to lose a few monsters.

Battle 3.png

My magic attack power was restored after two enemy mages died.

Battle 4.png

And so I won.

Battle results.png

In this battle I won 0.277 SPS and 18 League Rating. My strategy worked well- I lowered my opponent's magic attack power and used a few mages with stun ability.

I hope that you enjoyed my battle. If you would also like to start playing splinterlands and earning by making posts about your battles or by making art inspired by splinterlands please consider using my referral link:

Also please consider visiting my art gallery. So far it has only a few pieces that are inspired by splinterlands . But in the future I might add more works with splinterlands monsters.

Thank you and have a nice day.


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