Battle of the day.


Hello everyone. Today I am going to share my battle.

Battle details: I played with death splinter. And my opponent used a death splinter against me.


Battle rules:
It was a battle with 47 mana cap and three rules:

Fire and regret: All monsters have return fire ability.

Armored Up: All monsters have 2 armor in addition their normal armor stat.

Fog Of War: Monsters lose sneak, snipe and opportunity abilities.

Battle lineup:


  • THADDIUS BROOD level 4. This summoner lowers health and magic power of enemy team.


  • DARK HA'ON level 2. This is a perfect tank because it has scavenger and taunt abilities.


  • PHANTOM SOLDIER level 3. This monster lowers my opponent's magic attack.


  • CTHULHU level 2. This strong mage is one of my favorites. It can stun enemy monsters.


  • ANCIENT LICH level 2. This is a powerful mage with life leech ability.


  • REVEALER level 3. Another monster who can stun my enemies.


  • LIFE SAPPER level 4. This is another mage with life leech ability.

Battle strategy. I hoped to taunt my enemies long enough for my mages to destroy opponent's team.

On the battlefield.

Battle 1.png

My opponent had a higher level summoner.

Battle 2.png

My enemy lost his tank. His second monster was barely alive as well.

Battle 3.png

And so I won.

Battle results.png

In this battle I won 0.165 SPS and 23 League Rating. My strategy worked well- my tank kept my enemy occupied while my mages attacked him.

I hope that you enjoyed my battle. If you would also like to start playing splinterlands and earning by making posts about your battles or by making art inspired by splinterlands please consider using my referral link:

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Thank you and have a nice day.