Hello everyone,

In this post, I'm going to share my battle strategy on how to beat Kron the Undying plus Scarred Llama Mage and Flesh Golem Lv.3 against my Goblin Psychic and the team. First of all we need to know the special ability of Goblin Psychic which is "Tank Heal".

ability_tank-heal.pngTank HealRestores a portion of the Monster in the first position's health each round. Restores 1/3 of the max health, rounded up..

Tank Heal is a defensive ability, For example, If you saw the last 5 of opponent matches were using magic monsters like Kron, Regal Peryton, Queen Mycelia, etc. You can just put a tank monster which has Void ability and set some tank-healer like Wood nymph and Goblin Psychic in the backline. All the opponent's attack will be pointless and you can finish your opponent as the tank healer are giving some damage too!, pretty fun right?

pembatas moving.gif

Alright, since the theme for battle weekly challenge is Goblin Psychic and I used the card at some battles, Let's have a discussion about the card.

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Monster Stats


Goblin Physic has almost been placed in the backline (I would like to put it in the middle) since his ability is tank healer. At the maximum level (10) he has 3 other skills which are pretty interesting.

ability_affliction.pngAfflictionWhen a Monster with Affliction hits a target, it has a chance of applying Affliction on the target causing it to be unable to be healed. 50% chance of applying Affliction on the target.
ability_silence.pngSilenceReduces the Magic Attack of all enemy Monsters.
ability_dispel.pngDispelWhen this monster hit an enemy, it clears all positive status effects on that enemy.

Here is the link of the battle along with the videos I have uploaded on youtube, Check this out:

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Mana and Rule Sets

mana and rule sets.PNG

Rule SetNameExlanation
Combat-rule_Holy-Protection.pngHoly ProtectionAll monsters get the Divine Shield ability. The first time the Monster takes damage from a monster it is ignored. It works in Earthquake but NOT Noxious Fumes.
Combat-rule_taking-sides.pngTaking SidesNeutral Monsters may not be used in battles.

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Line Up

MonsterNameReason to pick up
Unicorn MustangThis monster is always become my best choice when I saw magic attacker in the last 5 matches of opponent. 11 health along with Void ability makes it appropriate as a tank and being healed by the tank healer.
Earth ElementalI put this monster in the 2nd as a tank in case the opponent uses snipe ability. Its 2 attack is very high (considering its mana which is only 2)
Mushroom SeerThis monster is intended to reduce opponent's magic attack as he has the silent ability. along with void ability by Unicorn Mustang, my team reduced the magic attack by 2.
Wood NymphThis is my first healer. I used her because I saw the opponent has Kron the Undying which has the heal ability so if I want to win the match, I need to make my tank monster can alive as long as possible. This monster will heal Unicorn Mustang each turn.
Goblin PsychicHe is my second healer. the purpose is the same as wood nymph which is restoring tank monster health. his 2 attack magic is fair enough (considering his 6 mana). Both Wood Nymph and Goblin Psychic will restore 6 health of my tank.
Fungus FiendThis monster is used as an attack absorber when the enemy uses sneak monster. the monster is always useful for its 0 mana to be placed anywhere.

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Match Preview

Round 1

round 1.PNG

The opponent line up is exactly as I predicted. since his last matches are using Llama plus Kron frequently and for this match the earth splinter is available I'm pretty sure he is going to spam Llama + Kron again and Voila, there we go, I have prepared my army against this kind of line up.

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Round 2 and 3

round 2.PNG

My Mushroom seer reduce the opponent's magic attack by 1 and it makes Goblin Psychic attack has no impact on my Unicorn Mustang. Kron attack is only 1 since Unicorn has void ability and Flesh Golem 2 attack makes the total attack of the opponent become 3 only. this kind of attack has no impact since I set 2 tank healer which give 6 health each round.
The opponent's attack will increase a bit when Kron is the only monster left in the opponent side. Round 2 and 3 are same (no change in each of team line up so I just make them in 1 explanation.

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Round 4

round 4.PNG

Flesh Golem is killed since I have total 11 damage for the opponent (4 melee attack, 2 ranged attack, and 5 magic attack. Even Goblin Psychic will nearly end with his 3 health only. Now we are going to the real match.

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Round 5

round 5.PNG

Goblin Psychic is killed and now only Kron left in the opponent side which activates Last Stand ability. All stats of a monster increased by 1.5 and rounded up. in this round, Kron magic attack is 4 which is only affect 2 damage for Unicorn Mustang. This attack has no impact at all to my tank. all of my monsters finished Kron in round 7.


Opinion about Goblin Psychic

Well, usually I used Wood Nymph more than Goblin Psychic as tank healer since her mana cost is 4 only. another reason is that Wood Nymph is faster than Goblin Psychic at the same level. But in some cases like above match where I need some tank healers to deal with "undying" opponent like Kron + Llama, I have no choice other than putting Wood Nymph and Goblin Psychic together. Goblin Psychic will be more useful started from Lv.4 since he has affliction ability. the ability is great to deal with heal monster.

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Well that's all about my sharing guys. If you are interested to start playing Splinterlands and don't have any referral yet, you can use my referral link. If you use this link I will give you free card and DEC to start renting strong cards :

Alright then...

Stay Safe, Keep Grinding DEC plus Daily chest and Bye~



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