Again Splinterland () Market May Actually Continue To Show Some Strength

We're still in an little uptrend which is fantastic as long as price and sps coin continues to trend this way then we're going to continue to go up it's just that simple there's a couple of things to the left of the market.
images 21.jpeg
The market currently is on course to come to that particular price level.I'm still aiming for price to go up in sps coin.I'm looking for the marketing to continue to trend up it's going to be around 266 cents.I really think that's going to be it relatively.

You can see how price dipped y'all can see a little bit better price into the marketing sps dip but we saw a price back up and close up there towards high.we got to get the market I'm still little bullish into the market we're seeing the same type of image it still looks ups and down mode.

I'm looking for price in sps to continue the trend little up this is going to look for the price and sps to container Trend you can tell when a market is facing mode and when there's demand coming into space. you can see how selling came in price closed down at the very bottom of that daily price.
The natural result something we would expect to see would price continuing to go down but we saw market close there at the top we're still seeing the market go down definitely tells me we're just going to Simply continue to play where price is going to go. we might do around 0.0267 cents.

We want to see the market buyers though in order for this price but it's to come to play out and to come to fruition.we need to allow this Market in sps to not break this area which is around 0.027 cents.we want to see price hold under any bouts of selling.

I'm going to lower just a little bit to give us a little cushion just in case price exceeds 0.027 cents to the upside

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