Bitcoin Definitely Is Trying To Break Out To The Upside Some Thing Is Big Coming Soon

We're noticing that buyers are really coming into the market in bitcoin there around 19,700.they're coming in around 19660 dollars and it needs to continue period.I mean if we're going to look for Price instead to go higher.we need to see price hold 19,600 dollars anything outside of.

If we ever see price and celebrate to the should be bullish the market is speaking and when it breaks 19,000 dollars to the need to sell we're trying to take this price higher. whenever the price bitcoin breaks price level.we're going to move that up there and it's actually a pretty good thing though for us to see bitcoin that's a very good sign as long as price continues to trade above 19,600 dollars.
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We at least know price is's nothing for us to really be worried about looking for bitcoin to go up.when we continually see price hold.I wanted to draw your attention to though this is where the buyers are getting rejected in bitcoin around see how tight this range.
This is a very tight range and as we continue to see time go on with every side breaks either to the upside or to the downside it's going to be the market is bitcoin definitely is trying to break out to the upside it's trying to bring 19,700 dollars.the volume that's currently coming into the market in bitcoin.

It's pretty much climactic from we see this we haven't seen this must have already come in bitcoin that's a whole lot of volume coming to the the price reacts because if the market in fact does break outside.
It's going to be big.we can see again especially if we see this bitcoin is still a break to the upside.I'm not really too concerned with looking at bitcoin this is a probable because of strength and we want to see Market close higher.

We still saw buyers come in a whole price at 19,800 dollars and the market actually closed a little bit higher towards the high end of that price if we see the market and still it closed at the high then we need to be expecting price to contain to move higher.

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