Splinterlands Market Is Waiting For Something To Happen Before It Actually Falls.


Where sps price is going to continue to go lower is this still an opportunity to where we ever see price go down.you need to sell it rather than people are not trying to buy sps.
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If they were price would have inevitably not be trading.i am going to bring this down.you can see something very big has happened the market in sps has not been trading at 0.054 cents. sps was holding level as support you can see the marketing literally came and bounced off of this 0.054 cent price.

This is where the buyers initially came into the market in sps and they're not showing up look at this those same individuals.who thought sps this the marketing sps has gotten rejected at 0.054 cents again they're not trying to support price.we shouldn't be buying the market in chaining.

We would see it on the market but we're not seeing it the market is still reflecting weakness.we shouldn't be coming in buying this market the market is not reflecting sps is reflecting strength until we see the price until we see the marketing the upside don't expect.
The market in sps to be a buy we got to see it break above 0.056 cents.we give the market credit they was not successful they failed and price continue to go down.this is still indication the market is weak .the buyers have been trying to take the price above 0.055 cents.

They're still failing there's still a lot more people into the market selling sps.how weak the market in sps we about to hit bottom this could actually be the bottom in sps.we almost came down to this 0.055 cents price.

The price to come down i'm not looking forward.we're going to continue to play the weakness into the market.we see price trade back down 0.055 cents we're going to ultimately lower the price target.if we continue to see the weakness on a long term.you had to do was pay attention to the moneyough and hold price in sps.

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