Splinterland Is Still Trying To Stay Above This Trend Sps Might Even Be A Little Bit igher

The market and sps continued to go pump.how you're able to see these things and then the market in sps pump through our around 12 percent.we need to address some things in the market in sps the market sps is still trying to stay above this trend.
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The market currently is still doing what do you think that means how do you feel about tthe market in sps continually to show its ability to trade above this long-term trend.we're trying to answer the question even though sps is on the value you come in and buy the market sps seeing that it is trading above.
You all can see that a little bit better how the market is still trending above that overall trend.where the issues are at for those looking for price and sps to go up.this is one issue we're going to expect the price and sps to move higher we may want to take some profitability out the market it might even be a little bit higher.

The market from that perspective and i might need to take the profitability there before the market continues to go higher. you all can see how the market gave us a probable precursor of strength.we can continue to expect the price to rise .
You see how we're going to anticipate the next move to occur in sps we're not necessarily massively bullish we can still see the market elevate and move up this is going to be contingent on us allowing the price in sps to trade above 0.069 cents we're going to continue to expect the market and sps to rise up in price.

we continue to see this market trade throughout the month we're going to continue to view the market in sps as a buy because it is currently trending and trading above our long-term trend if we're still maintaining some strength and we think the price is going to go this is where i'm at and the market to go in sps are you looking forward to go up

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