Splinterland (sps) Market Stay Elevated If The Trend Is Go up

I wasn't massively bullish at that particular moment in sps and you can literally the sellers kept price and sps from progressing lower buyers tried to break price above 0.086 cents and why you know when you come into the market around 0.087 cents that would have given us probability.

The market price it's down around 0.087 cents.why i'm trying to tell you what's the point of holding a coin it's going to be worth more than.what it is today but you don't know who also predicted the same thing because you're actually learning how to come in and make money.
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I was following the trend into the marketing sps.where prices are going to go the first hint that price was getting weak that price was getting rejected.we could expect price to begin a dissension and downward movement.why the downtrend currently is still in play in sps.

It's simple the chart gives us the information it tells us precisely where price is trying to go.we just got to be paying attention and literally erase everything everyone is trying to get us to see and understand this is the truth.what the people are trying to do.

We need to come in and buy the marketing sps this a buying opportunity.we already saw price get rejected around 0.087 cents. what we can also see where the buyers are at you want to know how it's because they stay support they come through and they keep price from falling at a certain price level.

This is not a coincidence the market in sps is not breaking below 0.085 cents.why the market currently is lifting off at 0.085 cents.we we have already drawn out the buyers and the sellers look at that.we're finding the buyers coming in and doing their job they're coming in and trying to support price.

The marketing sps and you can actually tell this doesn't look positively strong.it still looks weak what's really dominating the market it buying or selling the market is prepping us for what's to occur this is not bullish i will say from a longer term perspective most definitely sps is showing us some weakness still.

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