Splinterlands Coin Market Needs To Give Us More Confirmation That They Want To Allow This Coin To Continue To Go Up

The sps market price is going to continue to trend higher that is good to see and that is always good to know we need to talk about why is the market in sps getting rejected around 0.055 cents.why is it getting rejected there we saw an amount of volume come through.
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We are going to reference into the market in sps around 0.057 cents that is where the market is sps is getting rejected that is what the sellers are positioned and we can understand we saw the market break out got rejected at currently price currently the environment is for us to see the price and sps come up.
We can still see the market hold this trend and we are seeing strength into the market but it doesn't mean this market is fake it doesn't mean that the up down. we recently have gone through in sps coin.we've seen sellers come into the market and see you know this is what this represents all of this high volume as well as.

Where we're currently closing into the market achievement.who represents sellers in the market maybe this might be an opportunity if you're not in the play already to go ahead and chill out and we want to see how strong the buyers or how motivated are they to continue to push this coins price higher.
I definitely still see the momentum is leaning more towards the buyers trying to continue to push this price higher.i'm not going to drop a price prediction into the market.the market needs to give us more confirmation that they want to allow this coin to continue to go up.the buyers haven't really convinced they're still massively bullish this is where the buyers are holding price.

If the market is able to hold 0.057 cents.the market is still mostly bullish.the buyers are still controlling the price and then we can expect the market to bounce from there if we break 0.056 cents to the downside.what i'm going to do i'm going to wait i'm not going to drop a price prediction for sps coin.

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