Splinterlands Coin Setting Up For Another Drop !Sps Coin Waiting On This Thing To Happen

I still see is basically by the market in sps down 0.05 cent i identified is still acting as a barrier it is still a problem for the buyer.i want all of us to know that if we don't see sps break up above 0.045 cents.we already know the overall market trend in a downward move
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I wanted to show everyone that the current trend into the market in sps is lower.the market in sps the only problem is 0.053 cents.i'll will we be able to see the market in sps break outside of 0.053 cents.we are in bad position.we are still seeing sellers coming to the market in sps.the buyers to show us they're still willing to buy sps in this particular market.

We're just going through some selling we need to allow the buyers to convince us that they're willing to continue to buy sps alongside.the market in sps still looks decent.we're just noticing some selling if you're trying to an opportunity to win to enter the market.what i'm seeing on the market you may want to wait to come into this market.
I want us to see the buyers and the current market still looks pretty decent.we're just bumping our head up against 0.052 cents.i want us to really see how weak the market in sps.i wanted to try to see how low can the market go and we'll still expect the price to run down maybe around 0.053 cents.i would say no lower than 0.056 cents it's where the market and sps needs to hold support.

The market is just going to simply continue to trade sideways is my expectation.the volume is not necessarily coming in for sps as we see this weakness.the volume is still currently light.i'm not really too concerned with an immense amount of selling going on into the market in sps.

I'm still not going to play the strength in space.we understand that the buyers are trying to take out 0.054 cents.they're just taking their time they're not in a hurry to break this market in sps to the upside.

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