Splinterlands (sps ) Market Is Still Geared To Go High? Deeply Market Analysis

The buyers are not going to up in sps coin at 0.09 cents.we have to prepare ourselves for these moves in order for us to be competitive in order for us to win in the market.we have to be ahead of everybody we cannot be reacting the market in sps coin is already hitting 0.09 cents.
images  20220519T235052.758.jpeg
The price in sps coin is little stronge i'm still looking at the market in sps coin.if the market was strong then we'll be able to see the price go up.we all visually can see prices going stable.we need to trade with the market and don't go against them because the market will always win the price in sps coin want to continue to go up then obviously.

We need to high our expectations where we can expect to see the buyers.we can find buyers is around 0.09 cents.the market participants in sps coin held this price.they need to show up again in order for us to see any indication.
I'm already prepared to see the market come up to 0.09 cents.i won't be scared i won't be nervous because i'm already predicting.i'm forecasting these things why would you want to be bullish the market in sps coin held it except for this month.

We broke it that's massively bears in the long term massively bearish.the market is still geared to go high.i'm looking for the price to go stable in sps coin.

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