Splinterlands (sps) To Come Stable Towards A Lot Of People Is Not Expecting Analysis

The buyers actually came to the market in sps around 10 cents.the price come all the way up 6 percent.which is around 11 cents.it didn't the low the market going to go because that's impossible i give you a facility and area as to where price is headed.

You still had amount of opportunity to grab some profitability into the marketing sps.you're still up 6 to 7 percent.which is a great call pretty good.if the market in sps is still a cell.we can presume price is still going to up.
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The buyers are controlling the market or the sellers and you can see the last couple of days.price hasn't even broken above a 10 cents.if the market in sps could not even trade above 11 percent.we don't have too much to worry about to see price hitting 10 cents.the opportunity for us to take note of the buyers breaking up higher.

This was the opportunity for us to see a positive sign of us looking at sps price go up.you can tell the price wasn't dramatic the market actually consolidated a couple of those days.the buyers are trying their hardest to break price above a 10 cents but they're not winning they're not able to do.
I want everyone to realize the charts don't lie when you see something like this happen into the market.where the market could not successfully break above 10 cents.it means something it means the sellers are winning and it was acting as restriction and then towards the end of week.

We can still see price come all the way back up.we're not getting a lot of indication of market strength.the market in sps did not break this long-term trend.the long-term purview of those looking to hold sps for an extremely long period of time. the price hasn't broken the trend.

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