Splintershards Continuously Going Down Where Will The Next Market Move Technical Analysis

The market in splintershards just towards the start of december was trade around 40 cents.the market in splintershards is just going through this phase to where people are just taking a bag and taking a profit.
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The opportunity for us to come in and just take off the profitability to minimize the loss.we just don't have a more credible source as to determine which one's going to win it going to be the splintershards for price go up with the ones looking price to go down.
What we have on the chart.we've seen into the market interfering we got rejected at price been going down.we got some weakness we've been trading sideways we're trying to come back up above 34 cents. price to go down in splintershards because they know 33 cents.

If we were to take the information we have in splintershards then i'm going to look forward to come down to 30 cents.the marketing splintershards see some real quick i just simply move from being kind of and we broke the trend in the marketing splintershards.
The market to get rejected around 38 cents.what happened why did the market and splintershards go down.i'm telling you all the play the trend is broken in splintershards of us seeing this price go up.this is literally the last hope into the market in splintershards to maintain this price around 37 cents.

What i told you earlier about us breaking the trend into the market in splintershards. we really need to see the price because if we don't my next area to see the market grab is around 40 cents.i'm going to play the strength into the marketing splintershards i don't want you all to think i'm massively bullish into the marginal cost.

I'm not like i told you is going to be first we were to get out the market around 35 cents.what the market is giving us because we understand there are sellers at 36 cents.if we're able to overcome my next support is going to be up.

We can still see the price is not able to come back down to 32 cents.when we have the opportunity for splintershards to continue to break to the upside in price.we're still expecting the price to go up initially be prepared for the price to go up again depends on market situation.

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