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We see this market break maybe around 44 cents what is holding back price 50 cents the market in sps cannot break 60 because there's more sellers at price level meaning .
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The market tries to break up above the market gets with a whole lot of selling and price comes back down. there's not enough interest there's not enough demand to continue to push up the price. what it is the chart is not telling us any lies it's telling us the truth .

We see the price in sps break above 50 cents. what don't expect the market to go up plain and simple and look how many times the market in sps has had the opportunity done to see it go up above 48 cents. the market in sps tried to break above 45 cents.
We saw the market price trade above it briefly were not real moves there was false and simple all. the market is trying to overcome the buying the price prediction 80 cents is a problem. we're trading at 45 cents not far but what we've seen on the weekly perspective.

I'm going to expect the market in sps to try to come up initially around 46 cents.i would be around 45 cents.this is not as long as the price in sps is able to really maintain itself above 60 cents.
The market is still anticipated to go up we don't want the price to come down because we know it's going to be longer for the market to hit 60 cents price level.we ever see price go up it's gonna be a while it might be a long process to keep the soldiers on the battlefield to bring back the trend.

We're probably the only market giving the expectation of going up. we get to understand as to what the market is really telling us based off. what has already occurred this space there's no strength really being revealed in sps.

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