Sps Is Giving Us A Pretty Good Indication Of Some Strength.The Overall Momentum Is Shifting To The Buyers And Not The Sellers

I'm still looking for the market at splinter to go higher.the market closed off of the highs on a decent amount of volume look at all that volume coming to the market in conjunction with the market closing off of the highs.
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The market it's going to be really important for us to see today the market in sps closed above selling really didn't have any impact that the buyers took the brunt of the hit meaning that they still want to the price sps is giving us a pretty good indication of some strength.what's going on in the marketing sps.

The overall momentum is shifting to the buyers and not the sellerst you can see sps looks pretty decent especially from what we've seen the market currently in sps is giving us some indication it wants to try to trend higher that is good look at sps on the last few days go ahead and bring this in closer.
The market in sps is going to have enough momentum to run to 0.08 cents.where i'm looking for the market in sps to go towards the market in sps gave us some very small spread.the selling is subsiding in sps which is fantastic we want to see those type of things occur in the market.

I looking for sps to make a you know climactic move higher am i looking for like a price explosion am i looking for a breakout.i'm not i'm just going to keep it real the market really wasn't moving and it was just going trading sideways that is pretty much.what i'm looking forward to into the market in sps.

We need to be careful as to how much selling continues to come tomorrow because what happened yesterday is indicative of selling.sellers entering the market we got to be careful because this volume definitely tells us i'm still going to continue to keep my price prediction on looking for the market in sps to run up.

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