Sps Market Doesn't Always Go To The Moon.Where Price Is Going To Go .


The market doesn't always go to the moon. it also comes back down to earth and i don't give you any fluff any fud i don't care about information i simply care about the price and you peel away all of noise .
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I've been re-entering.you need to pull away from the noise and just simply pay attention to the price.the market is telling you every day it trades where it's trying to go and if you just focus on.what the market is showing you can actually see.
Where it's going to go and you won't have to be emotional.you have to be scared to be nervous you have to be greedy. you can see where the price is headed. where the market is going to go we can be in position and dominate amongst everyone.this is not a friendly game .

They're trying to take advantage of us and it's vice versa. we're trying to take advantage of them you have some collaborative group or movement going to come in and assist us into winning in the market.you cannot come into the market and expect you're surprised to see the price come down especially.

When you have someone the market in sps to go down.the price in sps trading around 14 cents. i was looking forward to the price to go down the market in sps that would be a profit of about 0 percent.we need to see where price is going to go next.

We can still profit in this market who was able to see the market go down in sps.he was able to call he was able to see it way before the market even went down.this is how you're able to win in the markets.

I'm gonna keep it real something needs to happen in sps can you just tell by looking at the price.where actual people whether it might be an algorithm or not has actually placed bets.

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