Why Buyers From Pushing The Splinterland (sps) Market Up And Why Polycub Is Emphatically In A Uptrend Perfect Market Analysis


Why Sps did go higher immediately because of 0.026 cents.I would give you and say to you the only thing I got incorrect in terms of my price prediction is how high.
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I was going to come through instead of 0.026 cents.I should have higher the support area all the way up to like 0.0256 cents. you all can see I did move this support the market ultimately came to our ultimate price in sps and the market in sps came to our ultimate price.

We were correct in expecting sps to go higher it just took the market a while for us to actually pan out and when the market going to move high.you look at it how sps has broken some massive areas of support the first thing if the buyers were really buying sps at 0.0256 cents.
We are definitely seeing a bear market in sps.we are now trading at Price levels.we haven't seen in such a long period of time.we need to focus in on where support is going to be this is where our eyes needs to be focused on support in sps as to where.

We're going to look for the buyers the market in sps is holding support around 0.0257 cents.we are at currently in price action and we can see yes generally the overall broad rust movement of price in sps is up.

We're not actually seeing a lot of bears in this pan the only issue I would say for us to really see sps move higher is this resistance which is around 0.026 cents.we can see the market in sps get break there at 0.0264 cents.

The market is already telling us where the sellers are at because we saw the market run up to 0.0254 to 0.026 cents and then the close off of the highs and on top of that volume also came through.what we need to do currently is.

We need to wait and see if the buyers are still here in the market in sps.what we can look for the price we are in a uptrend which is fantastic the only issues us looking for buyers to confirm price movement higher.

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