Why Splinterland Does Resemble Strength It Resembles Market strength

The market in sps is trending up.we're in a uptrend if somebody comes out and the marketing sps is going to take a massive shot up to around a 0.047 cents.we're noticing on the chart price is pumping that person is not telling us the truth.

What people are trying to say to us i want you all to keep it this particular market for sps look for the price to go up.i'm not surprised i expected the price to increase the price is showing it to uswe continue to go stable this uptrend has been in sps.
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We're definitely trending up.we move higher the market going to stable everything's going to up you continue to see when you might see a lift in price how long this uptrend has been in sps.you can even tell the price in sps has broken away from this uptrend.

We might need to see the market come back up just to confirm and we're due for a market move higher in sps.this last price prediction.what i think is going to happen next if you were to get off the market.we'll be up on the play around 0.045 cents.
What's really going on i'm not really looking for too much because a lot of transactions has occurred into the market in sps.The market could just consolidate the marketing industry was just bouncing between what 0.047 cents.we can literally see again the market just balanced between 0.048 cents

I'm looking for the price and sps to go up you may think that's not a good run to get 0.047 cents we're only to take what the market is offering to us if it's offering to us we could get we cannot dictate what we want from the cryptycurrency space.

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