Why Splinterlands Coin Bears Need To Be Paying Attention? Market Buyers Are Not Showing The Momentum

The sps market in near actually is still in an uptrend.this market in near came and bounced off of this longer term.where the buyers ultimately are willing to buy more of this protocol.they're buying it every time the price in near comes stable.
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They're coming in and stepping in and buying up this currency as long as as long as that occurs.what there's nothing for us to worry about we understand that the price in near is gonna forever go around 0.05 cents.we appreciate the market giving us that information the reason.

Why near currently is up off where near is headed the market came and confirmed the trend.we may be hitting the top in the market and near would be somewhere around as to how little low this particular price either is going to be which is around like 0.056 cents all the way stable .
I'm looking at the market in trying to run up towards 0.055 cents.we know sellers are positioned there around 0.053 cents.I still like what's going on into the market and near this still tells me that this particular Market is trying to move higher.we're just going to go through some selling it's going to be times to where the market goes down.

How you have an efficient market the overall momentum is still on.I want you all to see this though because we have a lot of price the market really didn't do too much it really didn't move as much as us taking up a massive move little down.we may actually be going through where the market in near doesn't move.
The market currently is going through some selling and the price in near trending down. which is going to be really important for us to see the buyers step in the market.how bullish this particular
price cannot fall below we're losing out on the buyers controlling the price .

The market is still pretty strong.we just want to wait and see if the buyers are still positioned around 0.052 cents. the market and near just pretty much trading sideways and I'll go ahead and drop a price prediction into the market and near because currently the market is weak.

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