Why Splinterlands Coin Still Geared For The Market To Continue To Lower Trend In Price ? Market Analysis


We broke that long-term trend in sps that's not good.i'll keep it real that's not good.we don't want to see if we're looking for the market and sps to continue to trend lower.we broke this long-term trend.we in a bullish market it's not bullish are we trending higher nope we're not training higher.
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We are in a downtrend and emphatically you all see visually the market in sps coin is not bullish.the market in sps is not a buyer's market it's a seller's market it's in a downtur.we need a correct price we need to follow the idea of the market.

What we're going to do we about to see a breakout occur to the market in s just by looking at this downturn or we going to continue to see price i see in sps is the fact that the buyers are not able to trade price above 0.053 cents.
The buyers would have to overcome and take out we understand that we are still on course to see this market fall.i really want us to focus in on the market and sps breaking if we don't ever break it. we're going to be continuing we get a market that's where the sellers are at where the buyers are at.

The market the sellers are positioned at around 0.053 cents and the buyers are around a 0.054 cents.what do you think about the market in sps i really don't see a lot of weakness.i really don't i see the buyers are really positioned here and they're not allowing the sellers to break price.

We're still weak but not that weak.we are already seeing the market in spa hold support around about 0.055 cents.we're not that far above seeing a big move to the downside or at least us finding the buyers.

We're not that far.what i'm seeing on the chart if the market is still going to continue to trade this way for a couple more days at least trend a little bit lower.

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