Splinterlands - A great strategy with the water splinter


Hello Splinterlandians,

in my today's blog, I want to show you a great strategy when you play the water splinter. I play this strategy very often in the right rulesets and I'm succesful most of the time with it. Worth mentioning is, that this strategy works with the cards from the first level and you only need modern cards in your collection.

Have fun while reading!


In the following I'll show you the cards you need for this strategy. I will also explain you what's their job in the strategy.

As your summoner you need Kelya Frendul. I think I not have to mention, that Kelya Frendul is one of the most powerful summoners right now, so she's alway a good choice. She is important for the strategy, because she gives all your monsters one armor point. You will understand after reading this blog, why this one armor is that essential. On top of that she gives all your monsters one speed point, and speed is always nice to have.
Next card we need in our strategy is the Wave Brood. Wave Brood will be our main tank. Its Taunt ability makes all the opponents monster to attack Wave Brood. With the Close Range ability Wave Brood can be played in the first position and it can still attack with its ranged attack. Those two abilities in combination with the high health points, make the Wave Brood a great tank.
To support the main tank Wave Brood we need Merdaali Guardian with her Tank Heal ability. How much the Tank Heal ability heals, depends on the healed monsters maximal life points. In combination with Wave Brood in the first position and its high health points, Merdaali Guardian can heal a huge amount of its health points. On top of that, when you have Merdaali Guardian on the 5th level, she gets the Repair ability, but we mainly have our last monster for this.
The second support card we need is the Swamp Spitter, which was introduced with the souldbound rewards cards. With its Repair ability, he repairs the armor of Wave Brood. And that's why it is important to play with Kelya Frendul, because normally the Wave Brood hasn't any armor to repair. Another reason to play the Swamp Spitter in this strategy, are his two ranged attack points, because so far we haven't that much damage in our lineup.

Those were the four key cards for our strategy. I recommend you to play it in a mid or high mana battle and you should note the active rulesets. For example rulesets like Aimless or Healed out are bad for this strategy. Alongside the other monsters in this strategy, I would play some damage dealers, maybe with some good health points to be the second tank, for the case Wave Brood dies. Let's see how to use this strategy in a battle.

Click on the picture to replay the battle

The battle, I want to show you, was played in a Splinterlands tournament with the bronze league level limit. You can see, I used the four cards I've written before. On top of that I played Djinn Oshannus and Nerissa Tridawn as damage dealers and second/third tank, if Wave Brood dies. By the way, in this ruleset my strategy works well, because melee monsters would'nt have anything to laugh in this ruleset.

My opponent had a crazy lineup, with two cards I've rarely seen so far in the lower leagues: Oshuur Constantia and Flagulon Reine. Obviously my opponent tried to play nearly only magic attackers and at the same time he tried to counter magic attackers, with two monster with the Void ability in his lineup.

On the first look I thought, that I lose this one, because my opponent had a strong combination of cards in my opinion. But my strategy to heal and reapair the Wave Brood and, after the Wave Brood died, my Dijinn Oshannus worked very well. In the end my lineup managed to take the win. GG to @owl000.

What do you think about this strategy? Let me know your thinkings in the comments and I wish you some great days!


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