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Hello Splinterlandians,

in this weeks battle challenge, organized by the Splinterlands team, I have a battle using a soulbound summoner with the new conscript ability for you. Using a summoner like that allows me to play one gladius monster in a ranked battle. Because the ability is new and very rare to see in battles, I want to share my battle to you.

Let's jump into the battle and thanks in advance for reading and every type of support!



Playable in my modern silver league battle were the earth and dragon splinter, so there wasn't a large selection. With 50 mana I was able to play some high mana cards at all. Two rulesets were active, namely Stampede and Broken Arrows. The Stampede Rulest was irrelevant, because I thought there are no monsters with the Trample ability availibe in this league and ruleset. With the Broken Arrows rulest only melee and magic attackers are allowed to play. First choice to play is of cource the earth splinter with Obsidian and the great magic attackers. But I'm not very familiar playing this strategy, even though I think it's a really strong one, so I decided to counter my opponent, because I anticipated him playing the earth magic strategy.


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I decided to play with the new souldbound summoner Helios Matriarch, because at this point I haven't any other dragon summoner in my collection. To counter a magic strategy I decided to play two high life points monster, with Grund on the first spot and Mycelic Slipspawn in the back line, and Legionnaire Alvar on the second spot as second tank with its Void Armor ability. With the Goblin Psychic my aim was to heal up my tanks. The consript ability of Helios Matriarch gave me the opportunity to play with a gladius card and I decided to play Katrelba Gobson, to attack my opponent from behind. The Dhampir Infiltrator harmonizes very well with Katrlba Gobson, so I played these two together.

As you can see I anticipated my opponent right and he played Obsidian with some magic attackers. He varied this tactic with the Goblin Thief, attacking my back line, and the Disintegrator, reducing my melee attack by one. Last one could be a problem with my strategy, but we will see during the battle.

Battle Highlight:

Click on the picture to replay the battle

Five rounds were over. My tanks tried succesfully to defend the opponents magic attacks with the help of the heals of my Goblin Psychic. Even though Grund and Mycelic Slipspawn died, Legionnaire Alvar is still alive and defend my last back line monsters. My two sneak double strike monsters cleaned up the backline of my opponent. Especially Katrelba Gobson did a awesome job and stacked up her stats with the bloodlust ability. In the sixth round she has 7 melee attack and 8 speed!

My opponent has only one low healthpoints monter left, so it's no surprise who will take the win in this battle. Let's jump to the results.



I won the battle, even though I only used a level 1 rare summoner and wasn't allowed to play any higher leveled monsters. Good game to @carollfmacdonald.

This battle shows, that the new summoners with the Conscript ability could be a huge game changer, because in this case Katrelba Gobson carried this battle. When choosing your next lineup, you should consider playing such a summoner if you have one and it fits to the existing rulest.

Thanks for reading up to here and have some nice days!


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yes good battle your gladius card also help you 😉
is good card