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Hello Splinterlandians,

today I want to continue my blog series "In The Spotlight", where I explain you all the important stuff about one single card. I will talk about lore and artwork, the stats, the combinations and tactics and I'll show you a battle with the card as an example.

For today I want to talk about Gargoya Devil, which was introduced with the first Chaos Legion reward cards. It is a rare card from the neutral splinter, which main characteristics are its ranged attack and the Close Range ability. But let's jump into the details and don't waste time. Have fun while reading and thanks in advance for every sort of support.


Lore and Artwork:

The living stone creatures known as gargoya are an especially unique result of battle on the other side of the world with the Chaos Legion. Years ago there was a great stone tower, far away from the Splinterlands and taller than any of its buildings. It was the former tower of a conquered lord, empty and protected only by the dozens of magnificent gargoyles that adorned its architecture. When the Chaos Legion first approached from the rift in the stars, great glowing meteors fell from the sky. They crushed the tower to rubble, but the gargoyles were somehow left unscathed. Not only that, but they were now alive; still stone, but alive. They took off as a tribe across the sea to find a new home as their world was essentially destroyed behind them.


With the cost of seven mana points, the Gargoya Devil is categorized between the mid and high mana section. To be honest, its raw stats aren't that great for the cost of seven mana points. It has very low health and armor points, not that many speed points, but two solid ranged attack points. It is obvious, that you should protect the Gargoya Devil in your lineup. It starts with the Flying and Close Range ability on the first level and later gets the Deathblow ability. Gargoya Devil doesn't seem like a great card on the first look, but if you can use it with the right rulesets it can be a huge game changer. I will explain in the following.

Combinations and Tactics:

  • I often play Gargoya Devil with General Sloan, because it gets one more ranged attack. But I think which summoner you choose isn't that important for Gargoya Devil.
  • Even though Gargoya Devil has the Close Range ability, I wouldn't play it mostly in the first postion, because it doesn't has good tank characteristics.
  • It is really important to look at the rulesets and combinations in your lineup if you want to play Gargoya Devil. If not, it won't perform great because of its bad raw stats.
  • Good rulesets for the Gargoya Devil are Earthquake (because of its Flying ability), Equalizer (because of its low health points), Going to Disctance (because of its Close Range ability) and all other rulesets, where melee or magic attackers perform bad.


Click on the picture to replay the battle

In my battle I have for you, were the perfect requirements to use the Gargoya Devil: the Going to Distance and Equalizer rulesets were active and the life splinter with General Sloan was available to play. For sure I decided to play with the Gargoya Devil under these circumstances, and placed it on the second spot. On the first spot I played the Venari Marksrat, because with its Martyr ability it will give my Gargoya Devil a stat boost after it dies and I hadn't a better first tank in this ruleset. On the other spots I played some ranged attackers and damage dealers. All of my monsters profit from my General Sloan.

My opponent chose to play the death splinter, but I don't think that this was the best decision, because I just think you have better opportunities with the life splinter in this ruleset combination. He played the Gargoya Devil as well in his lineup.

After my Venari Marksrat died, my Gargoya Devil was in the first spot with buffed stats. It survived the whole battle and caused an decent amount of damage. In the end I was able to win this battle, GG to my opponent @vbvcbvc.

Final Words:

Gargoya Devil can be a great card in your lineup if you use it wisely in the right rulesets. Even though it is a neutral card it has many nice use cases. On the one hand you needn't have it on a high level to play, but on the other hand it is a rare reward card so it is very cheap to buy on the market.

I have to say I really like its lore, like all the other "Gargoya" cards, but there could be a little bit more information about the Gargoya Devil in special. Its artwork isn't that amazing, there could be some more details, but on the other hand it is a stone creature so I think the creators haven't had that much possibilities.

What do you think about Gargoya Devil? Thanks for reading and have some nice days!


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