Splinterlands - "Noa The Just" in the spotlight

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Hello Splinterlandians,

today I want to continue my blog series "In The Spotlight", where I explain you all the important stuff about one single card. I will talk about lore and artwork, the stats, the combinations and tactics and I'll show you a battle as an example.

For today I want to talk about Noa The Just, which was intorduced with the souldbound reward cards some weeks ago. It is a epic card from the water splinter and using it wisely, could give you an huge adavantage over your opponent. But let's jump into the details and don't waste time, have fun while reading and thanks in advance for every sort of support.


Lore and Artwork:

Noa hails from a little village in the northeastern of Praetoria, where he helped his father and siblings working on the families kelp farm. He had a very shy character and was strong and muscled for his young age. The other kids mistook his shyness for weakness and tried to bully him, but Noa prooved them wrong, so those kids turned their attention to weaker targets. Noa could not abide seeing others suffer, and he took to protecting those who could not protect themselves. Some years later Noa was trained by the warriors of his tribe and he joined militia in his adulthood. It was his fate to fight many fights, so he fought against the invading Chaos Legion forces, where he defended his friends, family and all in all the people he loved.


With the cost of 5 Mana, Noa isn't that expensive to use, but in low mana rulesets he could be too expensive. He has no type of attacks, whick makes him a very defensive card. He stands for high speed and a decent combination of life and armour. His abilities are defensive, too. With Dodge and Backfire he is very hard to kill. The Rust and Martyr ability giving a little type of support for other cards.

Combinations and Tactics:

  • You can play Noa with nearly every summoner, it doesn't really matter. I often use Kelya Frendul, because he gives Noa another speed point, which makes him more dodgy.
  • Pairing Noa with melee and ranged attack monsters could be a good choice, because of his Rust ability. The opponents monsters have less armour with it, so your monsters can immidiately decrease the life points.
  • When you anticipate your opponent to play with some slow monsters, Noa is a game changer with his abilities and high speed points.
  • For the rulest Armored Up Noa is a must have in your lineup, because with his Rust ability the opponents don't have the advantage of getting two armour points. Lost Magic could be a good ruleset, too, because he can better use his dodgy characetistics.


Click on the picture to replay the battle

In my battle I used Noa as a mid mana tank on the first spot. The Target Practice and Close Range rulest were active, so I decided to play Djinn Oshannus as my snipe tank. I chose to play only ranged attack monster for the rest of my lineup, because with the Rust ability of Noa, they could decrease immidiately the health points of the opponents monsters.

My opponent decided to play the fire splinter, which wasn't a great idea. Noa dodged many attacks of the slow monsters while my backline destroyed the whole team.

Final Words:

I really like those cards with no attacks, because they give you advantages, which not every player recognizes on the first look. You have to use them very strategicly to be successful. Noa The Just is of on those cards. On top of that I really like his lore, especially his character is great when he defends the weaker and smaller ones.

What do you think about Noa The Just? Thanks for reading and have some nice days!


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