Mylor beats Llama and Kron!! How 1 card changed my game and took me from 300 rating to 1700 in one day!!! 9-12-2021


If you followed my last 2 posts, you know that I just started the game and have been struggling heavily with obtaining cards and progressing beyond 300 rating for about 2 and a half weeks grinding. Recently I decided after reading much hype about the Earth summoner Mylor Crowling, i gave in and bought one. Heres this monster of a summoner in the flesh:

mylor crowling stats.png

So this lovely card set me back about 60 dollars. A crazy price, outrageous even! for a game but I noticed in bronze I tend to face a lot of red melee damage decks and life decks that focus on melee. Mylor grants every monster deployed under him, even those that dont attack like the Furious chicken and Creeping ooze which have zero attack power as level 1 cards, will deal 2 thorns damage when hit by a melee character, talking about you serpentine spy!

So i got myself a mylor and paired it with the starter card Unicorn Mustang as main tank pictured below:

unicorn mustang stats.png

As you can see he takes half damage from magic attacks so those blue magic bonus atk decks will just deal normal damage. He does 3 damage which is solid, and paired with mylors thorns you have 5 net damage to enemy front line tank each turn.

Behind the tank you can do any setup you like, ive found most success with a magic setup with monsters such as these First list is free to play meaning these cards come for free with the spellbook starter set:

khmer princess stats.png

goblin sorcerer stats.pngearth elemental stats.png

The mages can be mix and matched to fit left off remaining mana, the earth elemental is optional but likely best free unit to guard final position of formation due to low mana cost and high hps (6).

Now the Premium Monster list, these cards are all under 10 dollars as of writing. $5 nymph $3 centauri mage

wood nymph stats.png

centauri mage stats.png

So everything shown here beside mylor is optional and can be mix and matched based on your opponent. Mylor is best used when you see your opponent favors fire and/or life splinter. If you see opponent occassionally uses a blue magic setup, the unicorn mustang is a neccesity. From the unicorn, I usually mix in whatever I can with my mana allocation based on this important from high to low:

  1. wood nymph
  2. centauri mage
  3. earth elemental
  4. goblin sorcerer
  5. khmer princess

If you are fortunate enough to own or rent a Furious Chicken or Creeping ooze their priority list is above all except the wood nymph. even though the goblin sorcerer is low on priority list he is most often the one used instead of wood nymph due to low mana cost and low mana cost battle. I used this setup with different variations over 1 night and went from 300 rating earning fractions of a dec, around 0.05 per battle, to today earning this much dec, with a 50% capture rate!

dec income 9.12.21.png

After a time of doing the same setup over and over, people will try to counter you. When you anticipate an enemy with brain function, you can swap your tank into this guy because the only counter to that setup is range, and this guy will cut their range dmg to nothing.

stone golem stats.png

To see this maniac mylor in action please look at this battle replay from last night, the enemy had llama ($600) and kron ($410) which together cost over $1000 dollars. and I won with a 60 collar card.

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