A Brawl Battle using Magic Monsters.



This is about my winning match. Using only magic monsters in a brawl battle, I got a good result of winning against the enemy team who also made the lineup with only magic monsters that means, the battle had only magic monsters and nothing else.

I'll be joining a battle challenge hosted by @splinterlands with this post and I'm linking the challenge link so that other peoples may know about it.
Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!


Magic Attack Characters with magic attack may do damage from any row. Not only that, this form of attack ignores the defender’s Armor STAT (damage is applied directly to health). There is no miss chance. It always hits.

This time I got a battle with 43 mana and I went for it using Valnamor as the water summoner.



Here you can see both team where I've found a opponent with 4 cards against my 6 cards.

Battle Ruleset:

The battle ruleset has 43 mana cap.
Weal Magic: Magic attacks hit armor before reducing health.
Reverse Speed: Monsters with the lowest speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.
Wands Out: Only monsters with magic attack maybe used in battles.

My chosen cards.
I chose water splinter with 5 water cards and 1 neutral card where I used Valnamor as the summoner.

ValnamorDjinn OshannusRunemancer KyeNerissa TridawnCoral WraithMedusaEnchanted Pixie

Enemy's chosen cards.
The enemy chose death splinter with 5 water cards and 1 dragon card using Helios Matriarch as summoner.

Helios MatriarchDjinn OshannusNerissa TridawnRiverboat CaptainCaptain's GhostVoid DragonIce Pixie

The Battle


For the weak magic ruleset, magic attacks should heat armor before reducing health. For the reverse speed ruleset, I should've used monsters having lower/lowest speed but I didn't follow this ruleset and I used monsters like I wished to and seems the enemy team did the same. For the wands out ruleset, only magic monsters can be chosen in this battle so this battle is for magic monsters only.

Valnamor gave +1 magic attack, +1 speed, +1 health to all friendly monsters. Helios Matriarch gave +1 speed to all enemy monsters and allowed the enemy team to use additional gladiator card in battle but the enemy team didn't use this ability and didn't use any gladiator cards.


Enemy teams Riverboat Captain started attacking first and Djinn Oshannus of friendly team lost 1 health and then the adjacent friendly monster lost one armor instead of one health because of the weak magic ruleset and this attack happened because of the enemy monsters blast ability. Then Captain's Ghost attacked Djinn Oshannus and the friendly monster lost one more health and btw, the friendly monster should've lost two health for the last two attacks but lost only a single health for having void ability that reduced damage from magic attacks. Then Enchanted Pixie attacked for the first time on behalf of the friendly team and Djinn Oshannus of enemy team lost one health. Then Medusa and then Nerissa Tridawn attacked Djinn Oshannus and the enemy team lost total three health for 2 attacks although it should've lost total 6 health but it reduced damage for having void ability.

Then Nerissa Tridawn and Ice Pixie of enemy team attacked Djinn Oshannus but the friendly monster reduced the whole damage of Ice Pixie and lost only two health. Coral Wraith then attacked Ice Pixie and the enemy monster died. Now Runemancer Kye attacked Djinn Oshannus with 3 magic attacks but the enemy monster lost 2 health and the friendly monster got +1 health for having life leech ability that allow monster's to increase health each time it damages an enemy monster's health in proportion to the damage dealt. Then after Djinn Oshannus from both team attacked each other, Void Dragon attacked Djinn Oshannus and the friendly monster reduced the only attack.


After Riverboat Captain & Captain's Ghost took their turn in attacking Djinn Oshannus of friendly monster, now Enchanted Pixie & Medusa attacked and killed Djinn Oshannus of enemy team. Then Nerissa Tridawn of enemy team reached first position and attacked Djinn Oshannus and the friendly monster now had only 2 health left. Runemancer Kye then Djinn Oshannus attacked and killed Nerissa Tridawn of enemy team as well and Void Dragon did an reduced attack on Djinn Oshannus in the meantime.


There was a new round where the friendly team lost its first monster and that is Djinn Oshannus. Enchanted Pixie & Medusa first killed Riverboat Captain of enemy team. Then Nerissa Tridawn & Runemancer Kye attacked and killed enemy teams Captain's Ghost and Coral Wraith attacked Void Dragon in the meantime.

As Void Dragon had void ability so it had some times before dying by reducing attacks but it eventually died by the hands of Enchanted Pixie & *Medusa and the friendly team won the battle keeping 5 monsters alive.


The next post about splinterlands will be coming soon.
Screenshots are my take from the game website.