Opening of 2 Gladius Case: Total ten gladiator cards worth it for sure

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This is about my showing off of opening 2 Gladius Case and found total ten gladiator cards from the cases that I recorded and now sharing in 3sepak with commentary.

So, I talked about me mastering the arena in another post that you can find here where I've shown how I did with five guild battles and only three of them were revealed at that time.

I won two battles already out of three that were revealed before and I won one more in the rest two and lost one of them and I'm leaving links of those battles in case you wish to see how I did there.

So, I got some rewards today (3,375 Merits and 21.356 staked SPS) for being a fully participating member of the guild when my guild got to the top position. Then I bought two Gladius Case that did cost me 4000 Merits (I already had some in my wallet) and I opened the cases up and I recorded the whole thing that I showed in the 3speak video above 👆


Found these cards from where I'll keep some to play and I'll convert some into DEC.

You can check out the video with my commentary to feel the thrill that I had while opening the cases.
I'm sorry for the background music that was too loud in regarding to my voice. I'll try to keep the background sound low next time.

I rest my case here for now and I'll come soon with another one.


The next post about splinterlands will be coming soon.
Screenshots are my take from the game website. The thumbnail was made in Canva.


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