Ranged Attackers Alone Nailed IT in Going the Distance Ruleset.



This is about my winning match. Using ranged attackers alone in a brawl battle, I got a good result of winning against the enemy team.

I'll be joining a challenge hosted by @splinterlands with this post and I'm linking the challenge link so that other peoples may know about it.
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This time I got a battle with 24 mana and I went for it using Scarred Llama Mage as the earth summoner.



Here you can see both team where I've found a opponent with 5 cards against my 3 cards.

Battle Ruleset:

The battle ruleset has 24 mana cap.
Going the Distance: Only monsters with ranged attack can be used in battles.
Ferocity: All monsters have the fury ability.
Equal Opportunity: All monsters have the opportunity ability.

My chosen cards.
I chose earth splinter with 1 earth card and 2 neutral cards where I used Scarred Llama Mage as the summoner.

Scarred Llama MageRunemancer FlorreVenari MarkstratXenith Archer

The battle was dominated with going the distance ability where I could choose only ranged attackers but ranged attackers can't attack from the first position and that's where Runemancer Florre came forward to help me as she has magic attacks along with the ranged attack so I chose this monster for the first monster knowing she won't be able to use the ranged attack but she could still do the magic attack.

Then I chose Venari Markstrat who if somehow dies early then the adjacent monsters would get +1 too all stats and then another ranged attacker. I was counting on Venari Markstrat & Xenith Archer gets killed in at a certain point and Runemancer Florre gains 50% to all stats using the last stand ability from the summoner that I chose. Let's see what happens in the battle.

Enemy's chosen cards.
The enemy chose death splinter with 4 death cards and 1 neutral card using Contessa L'ament as the Death summoner.

Contessa L'amentQueen of CrowsVenari MarkstratWhistling DamonSoul StranglerRavenhood Warden

The lineup strategy of the enemy team was definitely fantastic. They also chose Venari Markstrat at the second position like me probably for the Martyr ability. And the first monster Queen of Crows can do ranged attack from the first position as well using its close ranged ability. Other monsters are also good and they got a gladiator monster as well.

The Battle


There are only ranged attackers seen in the battle for going the distance ruleset. The ferocity ruleset gave fury ability to all monsters which was totally wasted as it works against monsters with taunt ability only and there's no monsters with taunt ability in this battle. Equal opportunity ruleset gave opportunity ability to all monsters which will impel all monsters to attack the opponent monster with the lowest health first.

Scarred Llama Mage offered +2 health to all friendly monsters although the second friendly monster was okay with the low health as it was chosen only as a sacrificing goat but it still got the extra health. The friendly monsters didn't have to use the cleanse ability from the summoner as there were no negative effects on them and the last stand ability stayed with them for one of them to become the only monster alive in the team and I hoped it works with Runemancer Florre.

And the enemy team did really great on choosing the summoner who removes a ranged attack from all enemy monsters but unfortunately it didn't work well as my Runemancer Florre was not going to use the ranged attack so losing one or entire ranged was nothing to her and the rest two monsters that I chose had only one ranged attack each so they didn't lose anything. Ravenhood Warden of the enemy team offered +2 armor to all their monsters.


Friendly teams Runemancer Florre started attacking first where Queen of Crows of the enemy team lost two health instead of armor as the friendly monster used the magic attack there. Whistling Damon then attacked Venari Markstrat using opportunity ability where the friendly monster lost two health out of four and then Queen of Crows attacked and damaged two health of my Runemancer Florre.

Then Soul Strangler strangled the soul of Venari Markstrat where the friendly monster died losing its last two health and its martyr ability worked on both remaining monsters of the friendly team and both of them got +1 to all stats except Xenith Archer didn't get extra attack stats and I didn't understand why this happened but yeah, my strategy with the Venari Markstrat worked fine. Now if Xenith Archer dies after doing some damage on the enemy monsters, then Runemancer Florre would gain +50% to all stats.



And it happened fast as my Xenith Archer was the first target of all enemy monsters except the front enemy monster as the battle was also dominated by the equal opportunity ruleset.

So, yeah my Runemancer Florre gained +50% to all stats and now got really good stats with big health and attack. Total damages of all enemy monsters were eight and my only monster had twenty solid health so it would take the enemy team three more rounds to kill my monster if they attacks with all damages and after one turn happens from my monster, now my Runemancer Florre was gonna need one turn to kill an enemy monster and somehow some enemy monsters were missing their attacks and I didn't really understand why those missed attacks happened.

When Runemancer Florre killed the front enemy monster, the enemy team didn't just lose one attacker but another one as the next ranged attackers couldn't attack from the front position so each round they loses some damages. When the front monster died, they had only five damages left and then another monster died the damages went to three then another one died and it went down to one only and then the enemy team lost battle when my monster still had eight health remaining.

So, the friendly team won the battle keeping only Runemancer Florre alive and I was pleased watching their performance.


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Screenshots are my take from the game website. The thumbnail was made in Canva.