Hello everyone. Hoping everyone is having a great time. I am here once again to respond to the weekly challenge. This week's challenge feature DRAGONS DRAG.PNG and for this entry I chose QUIX THE DEVIOUS.





For countless eons,QЦIX had ventured through the chaotic realm, to the extent that he had almost forgotten where his existence had first started. The recollections of his past had now become clouded, emerging in flashes of ethereal visions that proved almost difficult to connect and tie down. Yet, it was only when he eventually stumbled across the Ravaged Void that something within him stirred; an intense craving for mana had unexpectedly engulfed him, compelling him to submerge into a life of sorcery. In his dreaming, the images he beheld were further clarified, revealing the sight of vast dragons - some native to the realm of chaos, others that seemed other worldly. To Quix's surprise, these mythical creatures seized his attention, firmly demanding it. As a result, he remained stationery by the Void, soaking up the boundless power it provided him with, gradually strengthening his skills.

At first he discovered that he had the power to levitate and even absorb portions of time, stealing them from other creatures and reducing their speed. Not long after, he was able to STOP PROJECTILES in mid-air, seemingly plucked away by an unseen force. But what irked him was his summoning ability. He could manifest all sorts of abominations from the emptiness, yet none of them held an elemental affinity. He DESPERATELY strived to manifest the mightiest of beasts - the DRAGON - yet no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to bring it into being. The will of a dragon is unbreakable; his attempts were all in vain.

Furious ****QЦIX revenges VOID DRAGON! Ravaged in rage and fueled by a dark fury within, Quix destroyed the makeshift home he had forged in the Ravaged Void, his magic coursing through like a fiery inferno. The curiosity of a Void dragon, attracted to the bright flashes of his destructive power, was not enough to temper the beast's temper. Slashing the dragon with his knives, he brutally overcame the young, feeble creature with ease, leaving nothing behind but its remains - not even a shred of remorse. An exaltation of his fury, Quix took a ghoulish trophy from the defeated being - the fangs of the dragon, crafted into a necklace - before finally, to take a final taste of its power, he plucked out its eyes.

With each new talisman he crafted, Quix's power to summon increased. He channeled the dark magic of the Void Dragon, increasing his already formidable ability. Driven by an insatiable hunger for might, Quix brazenly raided dragon nests, pillaged corpses, and hunted dragons unaware. He never failed to walk away with a prize.
Seeing the Chaos Rift as an opportunity, Quix wasted no time visiting the Splinterlands to find more trophies and add to his ferocious arsenal of monsters. His next destination was known: he sought out the challenges and rewards awaiting him in the depths of the dragon's domain.


This Legendary Monster from the DRAG.PNG Splinter is one of my most used summoner since it is very versatile having a low mana cost of 4units. Being a Legendary Monster, only a few cards is needed to reach its max level at Level 4. The higher this summoner level goes, the wider and higher the range of monsters it can summon allowing them to use their additional abilities. The image shows the maximum level of monsters ranging from Common to Legendary it can summon according to its level.
At the start of the game this summoner will debuff the opponents with range.PNG and speed.PNG. This debuffs will allow my monster to gain some minor to major advantages in ranged attacking power as well as gives them speed advantage since the opponents will be deducted 1unit ranged attack power and 1unit of speed


All Monsters have 2 Armor in addition to their normal Armor stat
Take Note: Use magic attacks, but the opponent will do the same, so focus on HP. Is countered by Rust or Wizard of Eastwood's summoner ability

Monsters with Melee attack may not be used in battles
Take note: Keep no attack or higher HP monsters in the front. Keep higher speed Magic monsters with abilities like Flying, Dodge, Blind in the front


Please click the image above to see the nerve-racking match😅😅😅


Looking at the given ruleset, I can only opt to use Ranged Monsters or Magic Monster. The Summoner that will give me more flexible options in choosing the best line up I could at this time is QЦIX ƬΉΣ DΣVIӨЦƧ. I can summon from two Splinters combining a powerful line-up to give me victory in this battle. I chose to add Water Splinter in this case since I got in my arsenal some powerful monsters causing massive magic damage to opponents. This summoner can deduct 1unit each for range attack and speed of of opponents giving me speed advantage. A minor speed advantage offers many possibilities to winning the game.


I chose this monster as my Tank since it is tough against magic attackers due to its VOID ability. All the magic attacks it will receive from the opponents magic attackers will be reduced in half rounded up, except attack of 1unit which cannot deal any damage. If the opponent has 1unit magic attack then BΛΛKJIЯΛ will not suffer any damage at all. BΛΛKJIЯΛ is a suitable Tank in this match since it also has high HP. Furthermore, he also carry with him one more ability to supplement my summoner's ability. It has SLOW ability which will further reduce the speed of enemy monsters. This will cause the opponents to lose total of 2units speeds. I'm now having major speed advantage in this game thanks to BΛΛKJIЯΛ's SLOW ability.


I placed this monster in my 2nd Slot to serve as my back-up Tank in case the opponent may successfully defeated my Tank BΛΛKJIЯΛ. Like BΛΛKJIЯΛ, DJIПП ӨƧΉΛПЦƧƧ is also tough against magic attacks since he also has VOID ability. He also has high HP which is also very suitable to serve as Tank so placing him in the 2nd Slot is a good idea. His 5units speed will allow him to dodge any range attacks of slow monsters that will target him.


This monster took the 3rd Slot of my line-up. It packs a 3unit magic attacks which will cause massive damage to the opponent it targets. She didn't carry any additional ability but the magic damage she can cause is more than enough to be chosen and included in this battle. Like the monsters taking up the slot preceding her, she has high HP too.


This monster is placed in the 4th Slot since I wanted to protect him from frontal attacks of enemy monsters. This way this monster will have ample time to wreak havoc to the enemy monsters. The previous monsters in the front slot will only attack the Tank of the opponents but this monster will shot through mostly in the middle planks of the opponent. His SCATTERSHOT ability paired with BLAST ability is a dangerous weapon. Each time its turn comes up, it will deliver 3units of magic attacks to any opponent it had on its sight as his target. What's more, the adjacent monsters of its target will also suffer great damage. It also has FLYING ability which increases his chance to dodge the attacks of slower monsters. Also has high HP so defeating and removing this monster in the battlefield is quite an arduous task.


I chose and placed this monster in the 5th Slot because I'd like to use his REPAIR ability. He will repair the armor of friendly monster whose taken the most damage while causing and dealing some damage to the opponent at the same time. It may have a low HP when compared to its allies but his ability is surely a great help in the battlefield which is surely appreciated.


This monster took the Last Slot of my line-up. I placed him there to draw away most attacks or attention of enemy monsters to my Tank. His TAUNT ability will make sure that most of the attacts will be directed towards it except if some of the enemy monster has the SCATTERSHOT ability. His high HP should allow him to survive in the game for a round or two before it leaves the battlefield.


I chose QЦIX ƬΉΣ DΣVIӨЦƧ as my summoner while the opponent used ᄃӨПQЦΣЯӨЯ JΛᄃΣK. This chosen summoner of the opposing battle mage will scatter the attacks of his ally monster making my choosing of monster with TAUNT ability useless. While it is true that TAUNT ability cannot be of any use this time, the scattered attacks of the enemy monsters works in my favor since I have high HP monsters. SCATTERSHOT ability without BLAST accompanying it is a wasted weapon in high HP opponents.

The 1st Round started with buffing and debuffing of each teams. After a while DJIПП ӨƧΉΛПЦƧƧ was the first to take the initiative to attack. The exchange of blows was intense but the enemy monsters suffered the most since my monsters were more powerful compared to the opponent which has reduced attacking power. My chosen summoner perfectly was perfectly suited this match since the opponent battle mage chose Ranged Attack monsters. With a reduced attacking power and lower HP the 1st Round ended abruptly with my monsters in great condition while the enemy lost one among its line-up. The enemy was left with 5 monsters to carry him to the next round.

The 2nd Round looks bleak for the opponent. 2nd r.PNG While I still have a complete line-up and hardly any damage aside from the armor at the start of 2nd round the opponent only has 5monster with low HP and low attacking power to face my ally monsters. then exchange of blows continues this round but the enemy monsters is able to persist and survive despite being overpowered. They survived the 2nd Round but the damage they receive from my monsters is too great.
2ndrrr.PNGThe injury just kept on piling up. It is just a matter of time before a victory is secured. The 3RD Round ended with only my Tank suffering some damage reducing some of its HP.

The 3rd Round then immediately started. This is where most of the killings of enemy monsters occurred. It started with DJIПП ӨƧΉΛПЦƧƧ killing-off ᄂΛVΛ ᄂΛЦПᄃΉΣЯ and then the others immediately followed afterwards leaving only 1monster in the end

The 4th and Final Round went by in a flash. With only one shot from my monster the last man standing from enemy monster is killed immediately.
4thr.PNGThere, the battle has ended. The victory is attained and secured. The ratings went up😅😅😅


Choosing a correct summoner played a big role in my overwhelming victory against the opponent. My chosen monsters in my line-up was so much more powerful as well. The debuffs my summoner used to the enemy monsters worked perfectly in my favor.


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