SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! ₲ⱤɄ₦Đ

Hello fellow hivers, ladies and gents...
Good day to each and everyone of you.
I am here once again submitting my entry for this week's battle challenge



₲ⱤɄ₦Đ was born and bred amongst the rolling hills of Praetoria, a love of the land and its people ceaselessly blooming inside of him. As a hatchling, he was first confronted with battle’s trifling trivia; curious enough to take interest, he involved himself in it with much gusto. Before long, his juvenile hands stumbled upon a lone, rusted sword in the marsh, unclaimed by its original owner, so he decided to claim it as his own - declaring it an extension of himself. It soon became his life-long obsession - with blades ablaze, he soon had fought his way to martial mastery. Since then, he’s developed quite the arsenal, practising with any weapon he can get his hands on.

When he made Bera Dallin's acquaintance in New Everitt, he was beyond stunned by her martial might. After some good ole' fashioned quality time, he honed his way with a warhammer and was soon adept at wielding it. His unbelievable brawn meant that he acquired a second one in no time and was soon dazzling opponents with his fancy double-hammer fisticuffs!

₲ⱤɄ₦Đ is adored by the fine folks of Praetoria, and has shown he will go to any length to protect them. With his firm ideals of justice ingrained in him since he was a wee lad, it's no surprise that whenever he heard news of the Chaos Legion's invasion, he was so vexed he grabbed his trusty hammers and set off right away to sort it out.


₲ⱤɄ₦Đ is an Epic monster from the Earth Splinter. He requires 10mana to be chosen as an ally monster for battling in the field. He is armed with Double Strike ability which means he can deal damaging blows to any enemy twice each round. As he reaches Level 4 he gains another ability: Trample which is also very useful in battle. This ability causes him to attack the next enemy on the opposing team when he successfully killed his initial target. When he reaches his maximum at Level 6 he gains another useful ability: Cripple which makes the enemy lose 1max health after each successful hit. Aside from the stated abilities, he also boasts 3units melee attacking power at base level which can increase up to maximum of 4units as his level rises. He got 3units speed as well all throughout his levels. He also has 10units health points that can increase up to a maximum of 13units which makes him a very suitable Tank option.



SPREADING FURY: All Monsters have the Enrage ability


Available mana is 60units while the options for splinter that can be used were: Fire, Earth, Life,Death and Dragon.

Kindly click the image to see the actual battle.


I used this summoner mainly to lower the speed of the opponent. This way I can have the speed advantage and give the opponents damaging and killing blows. I'm also hoping the opponent will choose monsters with Range attack type monsters so choosing this summoner will lessen the damage my monsters will receive from such.


I chose him as my Tank because his ability and stat is perfectly suited to the existing ruleset: Spreading Fury. When he is hit by an attack from the opponent and receives damaged, his melee attack power and speed will increase. Pair those increase in stats with the Double Strike ability and you will get an awesome combination of damaging and killing blows.

₵₳Ɽ₦₳₲Ɇ ₮ł₮₳₦

This is my most used monster with the Reach ability. Like my Tank he can also also attack the opponents twice each round thanks to its Double Strike ability. He got decent speed, melee attacking power, 7units of armor and 8units health point which makes him a suitable replacement or secondary Tank in case the opponent succeeded in killing off my main Tank in the battle.

₵Ⱨ₳Ø₴ ĐⱤ₳₲Ø₦

This monster takes up the 3rd Slot in my line up. I placed him there since I'm also anticipating the opponent to use one like him and since I observed that this monster mostly attacks the middle area of the opponent, him being there will serve as the receiver of same attacks. His high health points should be more than enough to last him until the battle is over. He is armed with a massive 3units of damaging magic attacks which is very helpful in any battles. His Scattershot ability will disregard any monster in the opposing team with Taunt ability and will just attack any random monster. This monster's magic is a great addition to my arsenals in dealing damaging blows leading to an early finish of the battles.

₲Ø฿Ⱡł₦ ₱₴Ɏ₵Ⱨł₵

I placed him in the 4th Slot so he is well-guarded from backline attackers while Healing my Tank. With him included in the team my Tank or any monster taking up the Tank Position will be able to stay in the battle a little longer. Most of the times, having Healer in the team is what decides the fine line between winning and losing

₴₱łⱤł₮ ⱧØ₳ⱤĐɆⱤ

This monster was chosen and takes the 5th Slot because his ability: Triage will be very useful in the battle. He will heal my back-line monster so he will be able to stay in the game for a while and cause some minor to major damages depending on how long he can last in the battle. Spirit Hoarder costs too low a mana which makes him a very viable option when choosing a team.

₥Ɏ₵ɆⱠł₵ ₴Ⱡł₱₴₱₳₩₦

This monster takes up the Last Slot in my line-up. It will receive most of the damaging blows of the enemy in the initial stages of the battle since it has Taunt ability. This ability will make the able monsters in the opposing team to target him until it leaves the battlefield. It has high health points suitable for receiving and withstanding damaging blows from the opponent. In turn, it can also cause some minor to major damages to opponents since it packs 2units of magic in its attacks.


Kindly click the link above to see how the actual battle went on.
The battle started with an attack from the opposing team since theirs has the fastest and speedy monsters among all those laid in the battlefield. It immediately attacked my monster having Taunt ability.
Thanks to my summoner's ability, the damage received was not as destructive. The exchanges of blows went on until the end of the round with all monster surviving and carrying through to the next round.
At the later stage of the round when the opponent's Tank was Enraged. My **Tank would not have been able to survive the battle even though I have **Healer in my team if the opponent Tank's attack did not miss.

My Healer then would not have been able to restore its high health points. The missed attack from the opponent's Tank was the combined result of my summoner's ability lowering the opponent's speed and the Enraged ability caused by the exiting ruleset.

The opponent's Tank was immediately killed right after **2nd Round started. I now only have one melee attacker from the opponent to think of. Two of the monsters in the opposing team was killed as the middle stage of the round approached while I still have my complete line-up with barely any damage.

The round ended with the opponent having 4monsters left on his team. The victor can easily be judged right from the image above.

When the 3rd Round started my Tank, being Enraged, successfully killed 2monsters of the opponents team in two strikes, killing one each strike.

It is such a huge blow to the opponent losing two monsters in succession in the early part of the round. Another monster was killed right before the current round ended leaving him with only one monster left.

The opponent having only one Ranged attack monster left didn't even get the chance to attack my Tank. My monsters take their sweet time taking turns to attack until it finally left the battlefield



₲ⱤɄ₦Đ is an excellent monster that is most suitable being in Tank Position. He, however, needs a support. He can perform well when there is a Healer in the team or a monster with Taunt ability to distract the monsters from focusing attacks which should have been aimed at him. One or both of the monsters in the team will surely help him in any battle and a victory will mostly be assured.

I liked the result of the battle since it ended in my overwhelming victory. In the end, my line-up suffers only minor damages and my line-up is still complete. Given the same circumstances and Splinter availability I mostly will use the same line-up. I will not change anything on the line-up but if given the opportunity I will try to use a levelled-up card of each. That way I can make full use of all their abilities.

That's about it with my entry to this week's challenge.
I thank everyone for taking a minute or two or three of their time to read up to this point.
Hope you had fun reading..
If you...yes, you😅😅😅, the one reading this entry, still do not have an account and would like to try, you may click this link and give it a try. I assure you you will have fun playing....


I love tanks like Grund!


I often used grund too...great card..especially when paired with immortalis...


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