Battles Of The Day: Queen Mycelia

Queen Mycelia is a card that I like to use with Obsidian summoner, because it increases 1 point to the magic attack cards. Also, this card was my third Golden Legendary card. Queen Mycelia's abilities like "Protect" and "Amplifity" make her a card that in defensive terms (depending on the battle rule), can turn her into a very defensive card and in addition, she brings shields to my remaining cards thanks to her "Protect" ability. That's why today's main card is Queen Mycelia:

Queen MyceliaSEPARADOR.png

Since I was using Obsidian as a summoner in both battles, my whole strategy was to only use magic attack cards (with a few exceptions), to take advantage of that boosted attack thanks to the summoner. The strategy for the first battle was as follows: Normally when I use the strategy of using only magic attack cards, 99% of the time in the first position I always place the card: Failed Summoner, a card which is very useful to receive as many attacks as possible, acting as the tank of the battle and also has the ability "Magic Reflect", a useful ability in case my opponent had a magic attack card. In the next 4 positions I placed only cards with magic attack (and in the last position a ranged attack card). In the second position: Khmer Princess, a magic attack card, which does not have a lot of life, but thanks to the "Equalizer" rule being active in this battle, all my cards had 7 life points, so I had a lot of advantage in this battle. In third position I placed one of my favorite cards of the EARTH deck: Spirit Shaman, an excellent card which has abilities like "Divine Shield", which cancels a first enemy attack towards it and also has the ability "Stun", which is very useful in battle and has saved me from losing many battles. In third position I placed the main card of today: Queen Mycelia, an excellent card and one of the few Golden Legendary cards I have in my collection. In penultimate position I placed the last magic attack card of this battle: Djinn Biljka, a very evasive card due to its "Camouflage" ability, which is very useful to do damage and not be affected in most of the battle. And in last position I placed the only ranged attack card of this battle: Goblin Darling.

Queen MyceliaBATTLE1.png

Queen MyceliaRESULT1.png


Queen MyceliaSEPARADOR.png

This second battle does not differ much in strategy with respect to the first one, except for two new cards that I placed in this battle, the others remain the same as in the first battle: In the first position I placed a classic card of classics: Furious Chicken, which I placed just to receive the first attack. In the second position I placed again Failed Summoner, which was the real "tank" card of the battle. In second position I did not place Khmer Princess, as I did in the first battle, since I placed: Spirit Shaman, in fact I did not use Failed Summoner in this battle. In third position I used the always classic: Spirit Miner, a card I use a lot in my battles. In penultimate position is the protagonist card of today's battles and logically is: Queen Mycelia and in last position again I placed: Djinn Biljka: Djinn Biljka.

Queen MyceliaBATTLE2.png

Queen MyceliaRESULT2.png


Queen MyceliaSEPARADOR.png