Weekly Challenge: FLYING SQUID

I'm a little late for this week's challenge, but since Friday of last week, until Monday I had been with high fever, chills and weakness, although since Tuesday I was feeling much better (and today too) I wanted to rest very well these days before sitting at the pc and do everything I have delayed this week. Anyway, this week's Splinterlands challenge is using the card: Flying Squid, which is a card from the WATER deck, that I use a lot, it is very useful and effective in several combinations and these are the battles won using this powerful card:

The luck factor in this first battle was in my favor, I really thought that by placing this strategy (a little weird), I thought I was going to lose and everything was pointing to that it would be so. My opponent had better cards, both in lvl and in position and type of card, however, luck was in my favor giving me a quite surprising victory that if a battle or several battles were to be repeated exactly the same, the chances of winning again would be very few. In this battle it occurred to me to place another card with the "Reach" ability, in addition to Flying Squid. So, in this rare strategy that occurred to me at the moment, I placed Flying Squid in first position and Wave Runner in second position. Following them in position were 0 mana cost cards like: Torrent Fiend and Furious Chicken. The whole development of this battle was a bit balanced, but from one moment to another everything was against me, however, again the tables turned in my favor and I had a quite surprising and very lucky victory.


In this second battle my victory was a little more decisive, however, instead of using a WATER summoner only, I decided to combine Dragon+Water, being this the formation I chose: In first position I placed a pretty good card to place in this spot: Legionnaire Alvar. Following in the strategy, there is of course: Flying Squid, this time I did not have the crazy idea of placing it in first position, it is where it should be. Following and in third position, there is one of my favorite cards of the DRAGON deck and that card is: Dragon Jumper. Continuing and being this the second Legendary Gold card I got: Poseidon, a card that whenever I have the opportunity I use it in my strategies. Nerissa Tridawn is a card that I have been using a lot since a few weeks ago, it is a pretty good magic attack card, with a good amount of mana points and with a pretty effective magic attack. And in last position I placed a card that I hadn't used for a long time: Captain's Ghost, another card with a decent magic attack and with good life points. It was a pretty good battle, my opponent had good cards and a good strategy, but in the end luck was in my favor and also the victory.