Weekly Challenge: PORTAL SPINNER

New week with a new Splinterlands challenge, this time with Portal Spinner, a card which I really have used very little, I don't even remember the last time I used this card (before doing this challenge, of course), however, it is a card that I like its design and its abilities, and maybe I use it more often in my normal battles. Well, in order to win games using this card was a bit difficult, I think I lost at least 6 battles before winning the first one, but after winning the first battle using Portal Spinner, in just two battles later, I won the second one, so all good.

Well, in this first battle we had very few mana points (15) to use, so I had to manage my strategy very well and use the most and best amount of cards possible for the victory. I decided to use cards with low mana cost, it was a little difficult to choose, but this was my strategy: In first position I placed Crystal Jaguar, which is a card with low mana cost that I like to use because of its ability "Thorns", a card with a very useful and effective defensive ability. In second position and just like Furious Chicken (which is in last position); I placed: Sould Fiend, occupying that empty space and taking advantage of its 0 mana cost. In third position I placed: Feral Spirit, one of the most classic cards in the Life deck, a card I use quite a lot since I like its "Sneak" ability and because it has enough speed points. And in 4th position, as the challenge of the week dictates, I placed Portal Spinner, although in this particular battle, it didn't do much to win this battle, but I could still win.


In this second battle, since the "Earthquake" battle rule was active, I had to use cards that would counteract the damage caused by this rule, so I mostly placed cards that had the "Flying" ability. In first position I placed a card that I think I should use more in my battles, that card is: Pelacor Conjurer, a very useful card defensively, it is excellent to counter physical attacks and magical attacks thanks to its ability "Magic Reflect". In second position and as I already mentioned, I placed another card with the ability "Flying", that card is: Liminous Eagle, a card that I like to use a lot and also has the ability "Reach", which makes it even more useful in battle. In third position I placed: Celestial Harpy, another card with the ability "Flying" and thus continuing with the strategy to avoid the greatest damage of "Earthquake". The last 3 cards do not have the ability "Flying", but I placed them because I had few mana points left and also, I had to place Portal Spinner, logically in the formation. So, in fourth position I placed Portal Spinner, which in this battle was a little more useful compared to the first one. In fifth position I placed: Silvershield Bard and in last position: Dax Paradragon, card which thanks to its "Amplify" ability, was of great help in boosting the "Magic Reflect" ability of my Pelacor Conjurer card.