Weekly Challenge: REGAL PERYTON

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A summary of my rewards obtained in the last few days: The rewards of the quests have been a bit "poor", that is to say, they have not been good, but at least I have not obtained many potions, so that's a gain for me, since I prefer to have common cards than a lot of potions. However, a couple of days ago, after a long time, I think at least more than a year and a half, I got in a quest chest a Golden Epic card, exactly a Golden Revealer. I don't remember well the last time I earned such a card and is that surprisingly I have obtained more Golden Legendary cards than Golden Epics in all these years I've been playing Splinterlands (since 2018), so although in terms of price its value is below what I expect for a card of that style, at least at design level it looks pretty good with those golden edges. Anyway, another week and another Splinterlands challenge, this time using a card from the EARTH deck, which I use a lot in my strategies, especially when I use the Obsidian summoner. And that card is: Regal Peryton.

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Curiously, and I had not realized it until I started writing this, in both battles today both I and my opponent used summoners from the EARTH deck. In this first battle, since the "Silenced Summoners" rule was active, I couldn't take advantage of Obsidian's ability which gives +1 magic attack to my cards, so it was unnecessary to use that summoner, taking into account that it costs 4 mana points and I could save 1 extra mana point by using the Wizard of Eastwood summoner, with a cost of 3 mana. Anyway, in first passion I placed: Legionnarie Alvar, a very good offensive and defensive card, so it is perfect to place it in this first position, the only thing I don't like about this caste is that it has very little speed, only 2 points. But in the second position I placed an even slower card, with only one point of speed, but with an ability that I thought could be useful in this battle: "Rust", although it was not very useful as such its ability, offensively it is a good card and it is: Sporcerer. To counteract the lack of speed that some of my cards have in this battle, I placed in third position a classic card in my collection: Spirit Miner.

In fourth position I placed the main card of the challenge of the week: Regal Peryton, a card with a pretty good magic attack, which together with Obsidian makes it an extremely lethal card, because in addition to having a fairly high speed points, it also has the ability "Flying" which counteracts a little its "little" amount of life points, let's say that this card can be considered as a "glass-cannon". In the penultimate position, I placed another classic card, one of those very old cards that also has magic attack: Prismatic Energy. And in the last position I placed a card that I think I am using for the first time since I have it in my collection, a card from the last expansion and a card with one of my favorite abilities, "Stun", it is also a card with range attack: Uloth Dhampir, a card with a very good amount of life points, a decent attack level and although it has little speed, only 2 points, if we combine it with a card that has the ability "Swiftness" as well as Spirit Miner, this card (Uloth Dhampir) becomes something quite good, although as is characteristic of the new cards of the last expansion, they have a too high cost in mana.

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Regal PerytonSEPARADOR.png

In this second battle I could use Obsidian's ability to the fullest, so most of the cards in this battle are magic attack cards, except for the first card. In first position I placed one of the oldest cards of Splinterlands, a card that some years ago when you ran into a friend in a battle and did not want to fight with that person, I placed that card as a peace offering, because that card is: Peaceful Giant, an excellent card to place in this position because it has 11 points of life, it was one of the best "tank" card of some years ago. The following cards in the formation, as I already mentioned, are only cards with magic attack, starting with: Prismatic Energy, card that I already talked a little about it in the first battle, which unfortunately unlike the first battle that were the summoners that were silenced, this time it is the monster cards that have this disadvantage.

In third position I placed Mycelic Slipspawn: Mycelic Slipspawn, a card with a gross amount of life points, with 11 life points is a very good and resistant magic attack, and being silenced, I wanted to take advantage that it could not have its active ability, because what it would not be the target of all enemy attacks. In fourth position is Centauri Mage, another magic attack card with a good amount of life points. In penultimate position I placed the main card of the week: Regal Peryton and in last position could not miss the party of magic attack cards: Spirit Miner. And this completes the combo of magic attack cards that together with Obsidian with a very powerful offensive.

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Regal PerytonSEPARADOR.png