An Eight-Legged Horror Tale featuring Haunted Spider


An Eight-Legged Horror Tale featuring Haunted Spider

Hey Splinterlands Fans,

As usual I send in my entry at the last day, but I hope you like it anyway.
This weeks featured creature is the Haunted spider, a feared Death monster


I didn't exactly know, when to use this card, when I entered my battles, but after a few wins and losses I encountered a player, who always decided to play earth with the Wizard and Unicorn Mustang with Failed Summoner either in first or second position.

We are in Bronze I, so he was wise to do that in regards of the overrepresented water builds with Alric Stormbringer (I am one of the culprits myself).
He thought, he would counter another water deck and he would have won, when I think of my magic cards a couple of days ago (in the meantime, I bought a few gems :o), but that is a topic for another blogpost).

But seeing his one-dimensional style, I decided to go with death and tried haunted spider. My backline was filled with ranged attack cards, banking on my opponents decision to go for another earth deck and I was right.
His cards didn't have any armor and his -2 shield didn't face me at all. My Twisted Jester could absorb a few blows from his Goblin Sorcerer and even if he had put in Wood Nymph with tank heal, I could have countered it with affliction from Undead Archer.

Oftentimes those deliberations are simply counteracted, when the opponent goes against the trend and decides to put a different splinter in, but I was pleased, that it went well for me.

Let's look at Battle instead of just blabbering on about it.
Here is the Video-Link

Game Settings

  • It was the standard ruleset without any restrictions
  • Mana cap was at 21, so we were a bit constrained.
  • All Splinters were active
  • My opponent chose Earth with the Wizwar of Eastwood as Summoner (-2 Shield)
  • I try to mix it up a bit, when the season in in full swing and I wanted try out Haunted Spider not just for the Battle, but with an actual strategy. Ranged monsters against an earth deck without shield is pretty decent a strategy, in my opinion. So I went with it.

Battle Line-Up


My Team


Opponents Team

First Round


Creeping Ooze was a good decision, because Twisted Jester could kill his Goblin (Snipe) right away.

Failed Summoner was eliminated right after and Haunted Spider did its job with two damage on the Mustang.

My opponent was two cards short after round 1 and it was forseeable, that I could book this battle as a win.


Child of the Forest took another lifepoint of my second position (Undead Priest), but didn't kill it.
Instead, he was killed by Twisted Jester. My Tank (Haunted Spirit) healed itself and bit a chunk of the Mustang off.
At the end of round 2, his Tank only had two life left and Khmer Princess is not known for being the best tank (or off-tank for that matter).


Twisted Jester opened the last round with a deathly blow to the Princess, the Unicorn Mustang tried its best to affect Haunted Spirit. But it wasn't enough.
The Undead Archer and a self-healing Spirit finished the magic horse off and made me a sweet 7.026 DEC (I hear the laughter of Silver/Gold/Diamond and Champion player ;o)




After analyzing the fight, I can honestly say, Haunted Spider did her part to bring me the win. It maybe is a common card, but with two range-damage and only three manapoints, there are worse cards to play with.
The ruleset was great for range-attack cards and my opponent unwillingly played into my cards as well (pun intended ^^)

I wish, I could have played Splinterlands in the beginning and maxxed out all cards by now, as I want to strategize not only in theory.
For instance, the Haunted Spider gets Poison at Level 4 (only 12 combined cards, that is doable, but without a cheap Level 3 summoner not feasible) and is a great card to play at that level.
I hope I will be able to accumulate enough DEC in the future and have a bit of luck in drawing good cards in the upcoming Chaos Legion packs, to compete in higher leagues and be able to play against tactical geniuses, who try to understand the game in every aspect one can think of, to learn from them in time.

The future is bright, even in a spider's cave. So, thank you Haunted Spider and until next time.



Thank you for reading my entry for the Weekly Battle Challenge of Splinterlands.
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Yippeee! You've written a wonderful post not only about the Haunted Spider and the battle but about what you hope to get from Splinterlands! You've been manually curated by 1UP from rosiew!



Hey Rosie,
Thank you so much :o). 1up is a project, I am very excited about as well.


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