Splinterlands fan art

For this week I would like to continue the splinterlands fan made story of how humans survive in Azmare.My art isn't good but I'm a fan of splinterlands I don't expect to be chosen anymore but at least I want to share stories in my mind 😉

Part 1 : Z'khan the old wall

Part 2:
"Kleo the Greed"


As the human kingdom crumble, it's council argue who to blame in the disappearance of Z'khan and what to do next.They decided to be divided and be on their own.One of them is Kleo Arkel a smart tactician but also have self interest in taking the throne. Kleo took the path to Northen Mortis ruled by Azeroth "Lord of Undead".

Some humans followed him, most of them are instructors or teachers because they believed the smart Kleo could save them.One thing they don't understand is that why go to the death lands.

"Kleo we trust you, but why are we heading this way?" Ask with doubt of the people.

"We are already dead and in order to survive we go the dead king" he replied.

They do not understand him but they followed either way. Some people regret, some still believes.

Alas they arive in their destination.They set up a camp and he ordered:
Hunters kidnap a skeleton soldier, make sure to not harm it or injure.
Blacksmiths forge the sharpest blade and strongest armor.
Teachers I need you to teach a skeleton to become a sword master, he will be our key to survival.

He must be crazy they thought but no one refuse and wait for the results.For a whole month they trained a mere skeleton to become one of the finest fighter you would see and it rivaled a silvershiled knight.

Kleo went to the gates of a dark castle." I would like an audience with the castle master" he said. The undead guards refuse and about to strike him. For a fat body he cannot evade or run he was very scared.Fortunately it was stopped and Azeroth agreed to have a conversation with him. He presented the skeleton soldier he trained and Azeroth took interest with it. He thought if he raid the Sky castle(life splinter) with millions of those he can finally conquer it.In the exchange they let humans live under their protection. As a smart tactician Kleo not only produce strong skeleton soldiers but many more. As he is very smart he rose ranks in Azeroth's council. He became too greedy in power and took it all. The other members of council didn't like it so they convince Azeroth that he wants to take over his throne.Azeroth fall under a spell and rage his anger upon hearing the fake news.Kleo is sentenced to death.With kleo gone the humans are put under pressure and worked tirelessly.Azeroth has soft spot to humans so he let them live.

Kleo one of the seven,
Ruler of Greed


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