For this week's fan art I would like to add a story I created.
The origin of Z'khan.

How does the humankind survived even living in the magical land of Azmare? Long ago, humans are only a tribe capable of adding prey in the life cycle. Humankind are smart and that's how they survived but power is power.Sooner or later all of them will wipe out from existence. A war between factions broke out and the humans are in the middle of it and before it's too late a ancient being called "The Watcher" took interest in the humans. He gave them an orb that will make their wishes come true.As their final struggle to live came all of humanity united hoping to survive.The orb flashes and became a dragon. The dragon's purpose was to protect the humans.Humanity survived for hundreds of years because they are being protected by a dragon and by that time they are able to build a kingdom. Generation had past and they became confident about their strength but still they are powerless. They theorized that Z'khan is their power and they want it back. The old dragon grows week and humanity has their own greediness from the beginning.They tricked the dragon and manages to injure it but it fled.The human kingdom without a guardian is like a basket of fruit to other species.The council of human argue to each other and decided to be divided. Each factions went to other places seeking for protection.
Z'khan The Old Wall.png