Some Splinterlands Strategies for Beginners


Hey guys.. Mingalar par မင်္ဂလာပါ..

It is less than 6 days left for the season, and I had been struggling around 500 rating points since from the 1st day of the season. I am not sure why it is so difficult to climb up the rating points during those days. Sometimes, I met a very good line-up, sometimes I met the line up that easily beat the splinter I chose but not others, sometimes, I lost even I had a lot higher winning chance. But since I reached around 700 rating points, it became easier for me or I am more comfortable with the rules that are more common around this rating points.

For today Social Media Challenge, I had a few battles that are I think worth of mentioning. Out of them, I'd like to share the battle I use Water splinter and fought against another Water splinter at 22 mana cap without any additional rules. Some splinters such as Fire and Death were not available though.

I am sharing this for the beginners because this is one of the strategies I use. Know your enemy. Before I select the splinter and cards, I usually check the previous battles that my opponent played. You can get a clue of what the enemy is like. You can guess whether the opponent is a strong player or not, what kind of strategy currently is in favor.

I could guess that my opponent like to use Water splinter with Djinn Oshannus with healer and focus on the back-line. My strategy was placing Sea Monster as the tank as it should withstand 2 attacks from Djinn Oshannus by healing itself and no need to damage it. I used 2 opportunity monsters to weaken the enemy.

I made a mistake by placing Feasting Seaweed at the end of the line. It was left with only 1 health after round-1.

My weaken Feasting Seaweed was knocked out in the beginning of round-2. My Sea Monster had no issue with Djinn Oshannus.

Although my Deeplurker was under attack, it is strong enough to withstand several attacks from enemy sneakers. Deeplurker is important to survive. As it hit Pelacor Bandit and knocked out, it was sure to survive.

Only need 2 attacks to take enemy Uraeus out and it is underway. The front line maintain status quo.

Uraeus is out now, it is just a matter of a few more rounds.

It was settled in round-9.

Did my strategy work?
Even with making a mistake by placing Feasting Seaweed at the end of the line knowingly my enemy would focus on the back line, I won it, so it means my strategy works. Know your enemy and predict the move and act accordingly. Here, what I did was kept the front line stable and work out on the back line. And don't do what you are not supposed to do, in this case, try to kill the tank would be a bad idea. Because it is very fast, magic attack has less affect on it, it was backed up by a healer.

Please check my battle here.

Another battle I'd like to talk about is here.

It is about Earthquake rule.
Remember! Use flying ability in Earthquake rule. You don't have to worry about the rest very much. First thing by using Flying ability is it has higher chance to evade the attacks. Second, Earthquake has no effect on the flying units. In this battle, I used Brighton Bloom summoner, which is a *Dragon unit that provide Flying ability to all friendly monsters. As I said, Earthquake took care of the enemy units battle ended in round-2, all I needed to do was just kept flying.
Hope this strategy is useful for beginners.

One more battle I'd like to share is :

It is about Poison rule.
As in Earthquake rule, you just need to try to survive instead of hitting the enemy. Here are some tips for Poison rule :

  • Cleanse ability card clear poison effect on the tank
  • River Nymph and Scavo Chemist has the ability at the level 1.
  • Scarred Llama Mage summoner has the ability.
  • Make sure to use strong enough tank to survive the attacks.
  • Note : River Nymph and Scavo Chemist last 2 rounds if they are not under attack. River Nymph is Water splinter card and Scavo Chemist is Fire splinter card.

Ok.. let's see my battle, the battle rule was poison but Fire and Water splinters are not available. So I need a different strategy. What I did was put a strong tank to survive as long as possible. Use the card with Scavenger ability and place somewhere safe or use the card with self heal ability and place somewhere safe. The idea is cards will die because of poison and Scavenger card should get stronger. Poison deduct 2 health points, if you place self healing card somewhere safe, it will restore itself.
As in Earthquake rule, try to be survive if you see Poison rule.
Hope this helps as well.

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Thanks for viewing my post. Have fun playing splinterlands. Splinterlands ကစားရင်း အမောပြေနိုင်ကြပါစေလို့ .. နောက်နေ့ပြန်ဆုံကြမယ်နော်...

Have a good one.


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